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Older generation word for those who tend to hangabout on street corners (my dad used to use this one!)
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Jamaican word for street corner
London word for dodgy area
Mi pon di ends (Quote from Dwayne of the Verne)
Rah, SE22? You on the ends bruv (quote from Andrew of SE5)
West Norwood? Wha yah wanna move there to, thats verging on the ends man (quoute from Philly of SW16)
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1:- Those who kiss amourously in public
2:- Hallucinogenic Fungal Specimins. See totalled
Aww bless, look at those four mushies over there :)
Fancy getting mashup on mushies?
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A Jamaican term, meaning strictly what is says. Was it JLP or PNP who first coined the phrase? Answers on a postcard please, to drinkers corner
fuck dem bloodclat politricks
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Area used by wino's, most notably a section of Brockwell Park, South London, designated by Lambeth Council for the very purpose. A postcard actually got delivered to the following address this week (mid September 2006) :

Drinkers Corner
Brockwell Park
Herne Hill
London SE24

Royal Mail praised the postie's local knowledge
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(adj) the state of one being out of their face. Common examples are an individual consuming excess quantities of mushies or soup
Bruv, way to go, Im totalled!
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As many Jamaicans during my time in The Verne explained to me, Bloodclat does actually originate from a sanitary towel (blood + cloth).

Still not sure tho if it was a wind up them tellin me bomba clat meant bog roll!

Bless u guys :)
wha'da bloodclat dat screw doin nah?
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