In Irish Slang: Derived from the Irish word 'Muise', meaning 'ah' or 'well'.
Musha is used in Irish slang to give either sarcastic pity, playful pity or real pity- depending on the tone used to say it.
Fred: I have the man-flu.
Ann: Awww mushaaaa - it's just a head-cold.

Child: I hurt my knee
Aunty: Awww musha - come here I'll kiss it better.

Student: I have my exams today but I was out drinking last night and now I'm tired.
Sarcastic friend: Aww musha.
by nikmeadnicolaaaa February 20, 2017
A word with no meaning, often shouted or slipped into convosations to trigger a diffrent emotion, depending on how or in what context the word is said in. Usually results in confusion.
Fred - I need help with my exam, got any tips for me?
Jebadiah - Musha.
by Jebadiah. April 25, 2010
He is the realist of the real a true fucking OG ass nigga
That guy right there is a fucking Musha
by Gf k August 7, 2019
A Beautiful sweet, sexy, outgoing, loves to play games, loyal, doesn't judge others, easy to love, has a nice body, crazy at times and shy
Who is that musha girl? She has something about her that I like.

She is one of the most unique person you'll ever meet
by Moosha March 14, 2017
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by Anonymous June 3, 2003
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by Anonymous June 3, 2003