A very sexy light skin, usually takes dudes ankles at the park when they try to guard him.
Look at him, he's so dreamy. He's such a Murphy.
by MurphTheGOAT March 13, 2017
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A seemingly supernatural force that produces misfortune equal parts preposterous, humiliating, and calamitous. To be Murphied is to somehow have this force visited upon you, rendering you a tragicomical schmuck. To Murphy is to somehow direct this force at an opponent, thereby rendering the opponent a tragicomical schmuck.
As a sports journalist, I cannot recall a worse Murphying than that visited upon the opposing quarterback, whose game-losing interception was returned for a touchdown, after which the defensive back performed a tasteless victory celebration that simulated oral sex with the quarterback's elderly mother, who never imagined that a front row seat would perfectly situate her for such a humiliation.
by Roger Palmer January 09, 2018
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The best fucking girl you will ever meet! She gets along with many people. Most sweetest girl. Honest girl.
Did you see that girl Murphy? She's so sweet!
by gennå April 29, 2018
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This word is derived from Murphy's Law (Whatever can go wrong will go wrong). If you are ever caught in a situation where nothing is going your way and this situation get exponential worse over time and there's nothing you can do about it because your girlfriends parents found out you've had sexual relations with their daughter and she found out she's pregnant and your failing school and then your kicked out of the chess club and your dad finds your stash of weed and you crash your dads car and your pet fish fluffy dies all in one day, etc...

The time component of this word is very important. All bad events that occur must happen within 24-48 hours from the first misfortune...unless you really get murphied and the time component is prolonged x hours.
Dude, i got murphied.
by Mahday March 23, 2008
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Murphys Irish Stout. Chewey and rich. Damn good beer!!!
I picked up a couple Murpheys pints for tonite.
by Pahylah August 14, 2005
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A camel toe variant when the thong gets wedged into the vagina and the vagina begins to slowly consume the underwear.
Fuck, I'm having a murphy right now.
by NoodleGuppy October 02, 2011
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