How to tell ur best friend u want to murder her. Like omg stop sending me to the wrong media class like get a grip or ima spin kick u to next tuesday
Ima murder your pet potato them u

U bum hole
by Bumholey bo September 18, 2020
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Something that according to some people is not wrong
guy 1: yo murder is fuckin wrong!
guy 2: nah AJ di du nu wrngg!!!
by l.flm September 30, 2018
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Something used in many many sentences...
"i want to murder someone"

"i murdered that pussy."\
via giphy
by p[qwefkqofewqp October 31, 2019
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A crime which almost half the people who commit it get away with it. Killing another human being.

Not all forms of killings are considered murder. Accidental killings are usually not, although they may constitute a lesser offense such as manslaughter if done extremely carelessly. Self Defense killings also usually not considered a crime, but may constitute voluntary manslaughter if done with excessive force or under a mistaken belief that one's life is in danger. (Varies by circumstance extremely). In some countries, the death penalty is carried out and is not considered murder, while in most, it IS considered murder and is therefore abolished. In some states, lethal force is authorized if one's property is in danger. For example, if I see someone stealing a TV from my driveway, my life is not in danger, but my belonging is, so in some states, that alone is justification to use lethal force.
In some places, murder is punishable by death. This is usually only reserved for first degree, premeditated and planned out murder. Most often though, First Degree murder is punished by life imprisonment with parole eligibility after a certain number of years. Sometimes there is no parole eligibility. Second Degree Murder is usually punished by a fixed term imprisonment, usually around 20-40 years in prison, but in some jurisdictions, it's punishable by life with parole.

Even when a prisoner is eligible for parole, it's rarely granted for murder. In fact, parole eligibility serves a purpose mainly for mental health. A prisoner who 100% certainly will spend their life in jail deteriorates rapidly, while a prisoner with SOME prospect for release has an incentive to behave well and stay healthy.
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx June 10, 2020
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Probably not the friendliest way to greet someone but okay.
Person1: Hi!
Person2: I feel like murdering you
by GrilledGoat March 23, 2021
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The action of taking another one's life

Don't do this you'll be arrested
Betty:I plead guilty for Murder

Judge:lol okay get noob
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by aRandomNoob7 November 15, 2020
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