Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked into Columbine highschool with some guns on April 20th, 1999.
Most famous school shooter.
Exclusively ate cinniminis, wore a trenchcoat and played the video game DOOM.
Eric Harris hated the world.
by shedevil April 04, 2004
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One of a pair of shooters at a highschool in Colorado. He and his pal Dylan Klebold showed up at school late on April 20, 1999, when they arrived they planted propane bombs in the cafeteria, by the soda machines. The had the bombs set to go off at 1:17. afterward they went to the hill to watch the mayhem persue, ready to pick off the people who ran out of the building with their guns. They also had a bomb set in the car that they arrived in. when the times for the bombs to go off arrived, neither did. If the bombs had gone off, the death toll would have been in the hundreds.

As the approached the building, readying themselves for the task at hand, they took OFF their trench coats and pulled out their weapons (ill say which later) as the events occured 15 people died that day. 14 students and one teacher. 2 of the students were of course themselves, which they killed themselves in the liabrary.

They were armed with Pipe bombs, sawed off shotguns, an array of knives, a TEC9 and a rifle.

The events spawned a game called SCMRPG! or known as super columbine Massacre RPG! which is still for download somewhere. (i would suggest it, it is a rather fun game and relieves stress) it is really controversial though, but does not contain blood. it is more of a documentary, while the second half of the game is really more for fun though, as the characters are in hell fighting demons, and a southpark version of satan.
Somebody: Who were the people who shot up that school in colorado?
Me: Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, duh.
somebody: why
Me: because people bullied them, treated them like shit and stepped all over them.
Somebody: are you wearing that trenchcoat to honor them or something?
Me: no
Somebody: why then?
Me: because it looks cool
by Jake_the_Mighty September 24, 2007
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Eric Harris is the type of man to be in the trench coat mafia, create 99 pipe bombs, have a friend called Dillon. He will shoot up a school. If your son or friend is called Eric Harris, then be scared and arrest him... NOW!
GIRL#1: Oh look it's that creep Eric Harris in his trench coat. Isn't he late to school?
by HahaSoFunny May 13, 2017
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very precious, beautiful young man with a really cute nose who had a thing for guns and explosive things. also, he killed people along with his best friend dylan klebold before killing himself with his shotgun called arlene. he was also known as reb and he hated a lot of things.

rip eric, may heaven provide you with free slimjims for all eternity.
person I: how about that dude over there, should we invite him?

person II: no, we can't let that weird looking eric harris kid come along, oh fucking no.
by diemeisterin July 22, 2017
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