an idiot who chats the most bs and acts hard but dont do shit
tim: dereks a muppet
tom: twat
by PowerRangerNeek1 January 22, 2020
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The sincerest form of flattery for a fuckboy, e.g a cuter way of referring to a total tool as a fuckboy.
Lydia: dude , is such a muppet.
Maria: why happened?
Lydia: well apparently Muppet's ex girlfriend complained to him that I added her without knowing her so now muppet is whining about it.
Maria: it is FB, you can add anyone you want! I thought you said this guy was mad chill and that you wanted to be friends with him.

Lydia': not anymore. A real friend would hear my side and understand what free will means. Instead muppet chose to listen to who he once called "his crazy ex" over me. Game over, muppet
by girlswho'sgothegoods May 30, 2016
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A more polite way of calling someone retarded.
Boris Johnson is an absolute muppet who has no idea about anything. The muppet probably doesn't even know how to wipe his own arse or tie his own shoe laces.
by STW 2004 December 30, 2020
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Middle age woman who dye their hair Insane colors
She’s a muppet
by Love_my_words September 17, 2020
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Person or persons whose behaviour is largely controlled by the 'All Rock God Puppeteer' Muzza.
'Did you hear Jack defending Muzza's feelings?'

'What a Muppet!'
by Kayye May December 01, 2020
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Noun: term of endearment for close friends, often in a form of banter.

Noun: a general insulting term to describe an undesirable person.
β€œTomaselli just failed his math quiz because he didn’t study. He’s such a muppet.”
by TTPN March 01, 2018
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When one partner of a couple bends their dominant arm until the fist is at the chest, and proceeds to anally penetrate the other person with the elbow. Once the entire arm is in, the penetrator extends his or her arm until it is straight and the hand is sticking out of the other partners mouth.
Dude, Emily wanted me to Muppet her last night! It was amazing!

Amanda and I were Muppeting all night long last night!

I muppeted Jacob the other day, he was really good!
by Nnia CcarMmorck June 16, 2017
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