Hind is an Arabic female name. Most people with this name are confident but have many insecurities pushing them down but they still manage they also try to face their fears and problems instead of running away from them Most people will be jealous of this girl and many people would like to use her, she has gone through so much but still manages a smile on her face but one thing to know about her is that you will be so lucky if your ever friends with her she's a life long lasting friend that will never back stab you
Hind would be one of the purest people you'll ever meet
by Xxcutex December 20, 2017
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Crackhead and nice girl, probably a little dumb but is nice, usually lazy and has really curly hair. Get made fun of for her name
hind: *about to jumpout of a window" test me bitch
by grade8stalker November 19, 2019
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The definition of a born again virgin.

Sexuality questionable, needing a reset of sexual preferences.
To be as frustrated as a Hind.
by DanMehigan May 10, 2005
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Otherwise known as Piii, Hindy, Hindalanassnikasshole etc...'
She is such a great buddy to have- such a funny one too. I think I piss her off a lot though. Sorry for that doodes!
Love lots, Meez (Missyco, Mawie Bee)
Hehehe You're so cute Hindy! Bye doodes :-)
by Meez July 10, 2004
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an awesome cute funny smart amazing female loved by all creations and the creator. has he whole package and just everything man.
by TTHE WORLDunknown March 15, 2017
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hind is a word given usually for females but it is also applicable to males ( in extremely rare cases ). a person is called a hind when your pretty sure they are awesome, cool , funny , smart, beautiful . pretty much the whole package

the term was first coined and invented by Dr.tofu patchi who was raise in a house where a girl lived and she was called hind but her evil brother Dr. reem sheikha did not want the term to be universal so he did his best to hide the term from the world until ........... now
' matt that chick is such a hind '
by chemicalairwave May 25, 2014
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