Robert Sykes, in reference to the chinless Muppet known as Beaker.
Hey Beaker, wheres your chin?!"
The simple act of a female with a large nose inserting it into another males asshole.
OMG this dirty bitch gave me the best "Beaker" last night!
by Hockeymoto99 August 25, 2017
Someone who never stops talking about themselves. Like Beaker from The Muppets- "Me me me me me me"
"Did you hear John moaning about how ordinary his life is again today?"

"AGAIN? That guy is such a beaker.
by Noit April 22, 2011
Highly processed food, ie junk food, with a lot of artificial color and flavor. Beaker referring to the container in which the flavors and colors were created.
I've got the munchies, let's go get some beaker.
by 5Vegas March 22, 2010
The sex move, practiced in some adventurous circles, of a man ejaculating into a woman's nasal cavity, often accompanied by a slight thrusting motion. Burning, runny nose may be an effect. Reduces rate of pregnancy, but not STD. Not to be confused with the more typical "facial".
"I wasn't really into that cholo, so I just let him beaker me instead of of blowing him"

"I was just down at the 7-11 and three cholos beaked this bitch in the back of a lowrider."
by pete miniutti December 5, 2007
A person who makes sorry attempts at befriending co-workers. Annoying, nerdy, foreign and disgusting to look at. Makes up stories to make themselves seem "normal".
"That girl with the hideous poisonous scab juice tattoo is a real Beaker!"
by Dontsitnearmebeaker May 18, 2005
This Teacher/person is the BEST teacher in the entire world no one can top this person. She/he is deserve's an award for the best teacher, she/he is kind, nice, and generous.
Hi Beaker
Hi ___ how is your day?
Good, how is your day?
mine is awesome, do you want 10 minutes early to lunch?
Sure thank you so much!
by Jayden's Name sucks September 2, 2022