A sensasion of hunger after you smoke weed
During the commercial break Snoop Dogg farted and the whole crowd got the munchies.
by Giovanni Mann December 10, 2007
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THC stimulates the appetite.
"The munchies are always good, if I can remember right."
by smokeweedinhell666 September 01, 2008
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consumption of rediculous amounts of food, usually junk food, after smoking marijuana. contrary to popular belief, you aren't actually "hungry" persay- it's more like you lose self control when you're high. you don't care if you get fat, you just crave the sensation of eating, like if you'd never eaten before. you also don't ever feel full even though you might be aware that you are.
"I had some powerful munchies last night. I had a bratworst and drank some straight mustard, and six almond joys and some salted cheetoes with ketchup and pepper"

"I got the munchies like a mofo. got any cookies?"
by yummy mustard February 12, 2006
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After toking, everything just tastes like, well, magic.

If you smoke at home, you'll find when you sober up that all the food you would normally not eat because of expiry date or it just plainly tastes like shit is gone.
rip that bong and get them munchies goin bro.
by sebastiancee November 04, 2007
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contrary to popular belief the munchies is not so much hunger it is a strong desire to eat because when your high/stoned everything tastes better
by Bopachinas October 07, 2008
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