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A phrase coined by the Tonight show with Conan O'Brien, Black Drinking day is a holiday that comes every October 7th.
Germans have Octoberfest, Mexicans have Sinco De Mayo, the Irish have everyday day, now the blacks have Black Drinkin' Day
by Giovanni Mann October 8, 2009
Verb; To chop up and stick underneath the floorboards of a house or other building.

A reference to Edgar Allen Poe's "Tell Tale Heart," where the protagonist chops a person up and buries them underneath the floorboards.
Buddy: I'm not to sure about Mike, the new guy in accounting. He looks like the kind of guy who Tell Tale'd **at least** five hookers.
by Giovanni Mann November 14, 2017
A sensasion of hunger after you smoke weed
During the commercial break Snoop Dogg farted and the whole crowd got the munchies.
by Giovanni Mann December 10, 2007
Those little burned off peices of hot dogs that are attached to it or have stuck onto the plate after you microwave it.
Rudy: Hey there, BUD.
Bud: Hey Rudy. I just made a hot dog.
Rudy: Any weiner chips on the plate?
Bud: Yeah.
Rudy: Just gimme da chips
by Giovanni Mann August 19, 2008
Not deriving from Scary Movie like everyone says, it derives from an old Budweiser commercial. It is used to say "How are you?" "What are you doing?" oor just "What's up?"
Guy: Nuhin' B. Watchin' the game, havin a Bud. Sup wit'chu?
Buddy: Nuhin', watchin' the game, havin' a Bud.
Guy: True, true.
by Giovanni Mann April 1, 2009
Also known as ZTFBS, it stands for Zero Tolerance For BullSh*t
Guy: I hate crackas.
Buddy: What did you just say?
Guy: You're black, what do you care?
Buddy: Muthaf**ka I got 0T4BS
by Giovanni Mann December 17, 2008
Another drinking holiday invented by the Tonight Show.
Todd Leven brought it to Conan's attention that there was no drinking holiday for jews. As it turns out, Todd didn't drink, so he gave their drinking holiday to the black folk.
Thus, Black Jewish drinking day was born.
October 12th is Black Jewish drinking day.
by Giovanni Mann October 13, 2009