when you eat a lot after you've been high for a few minutes. Contrary to popular belief, when you have the munchies you are generally NOT HUNGRY. it's more like... eating feels really really good. Imagine feeling like you've never eaten before. Sometimes things will taste like something totally different. Chocolate cream oreos can taste like blueberries, for example. Imagine everything tasting like the best-tasting thing you ever ate in your life.
"I have the munchies like crazy dude. I've been drinking mustard, lemon juice, and honey mixed!"

"I got some badass munchies. better break out the oreos"
by pot expert March 01, 2006
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n., a cutesy way of saying "snacks"
"Man, this weed is killer. Let's go down to the packy and get some munchies."
by roger the fabricator February 05, 2004
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after smokin some green, you will inevitably get the munchies. basically it's like food suddenly drifts into your mind and it sounds like a great idea to chow down on anything handy. Whatever it is you happen to grab will inevitably taste 100 times better than it would normally, and getting full is something completely and totally nonexistent. This is caused by the effects of marijuana's psychoactive chemical component, delta-9 THC, which happens to induce a stimulatory effect on appetite, and is also well known for producing the accompanying euphoria obviously.

And then obtaining said food can become an adventure all its own
Damn, man, I've got the munchies like hardcore. Let's run over to Taco Bell and grab like 20 soft taco supremes
by Ian f'in Davis January 31, 2008
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A slang word for any sort of craving.
My pockets got the munchies, and I feed them well (this sentence means he has a craving for money, but makes a lot).
by The Great Dark February 01, 2015
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Dude, I'm so fucked up and I got the munchies... let's go to Denny's and get some chocholate milkshakes and seasoned fries with some ranch dressing, oh yeah and one of those skillet meals, dude, I love Denny's... I'm so fucked up
by scoburn July 29, 2003
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