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A slang for smoking marijuana that was originated in Montclair NJ.
"What's good witta muk?"
by Tennisboywill November 02, 2017
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A Pokemon that is purple and is in the shape of a pile of slimey crap.
Team Rocket : Holy crap! Ash's Muk turned into level 99!

Ash : Yeah bitches, I run this house.
by woxihuanni March 21, 2011
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A wicked mate, and brilliant person who deserves the total best, and and total smilies all round!
Don't u dare diss, cos shes one of ma hoes, aight!
Wow ur such i Muk, I love ya
by GuessWho December 25, 2003
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Psychedelic mushrooms. Mushrooms that have psilocybin in them
I ate some muks last night and my mind is still a little fuzzy.
by numbr1westsida April 20, 2013
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Drool that comes out of the pussy when it queefs too hard.
Wendy muked and Johnny licked it up.
by Kikaider June 26, 2003
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A complete and utter moron. One who constantly blacks out, forgets important things and subsequently argues their point to be valid when everyone in the room knows it's not. A muk also enjoys looking at the sky while speaking.
Sam: Bro, let's go eat at Bento
Bro: Let's make sure that fuckin muk doesn't come with us
Sam: It's cool, he's too busy NOT smoking pot tonight!
by ownedagainbro August 04, 2010
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Motherfuckin Useless Kid
that guy that when you see him your like "what a piece of shit", and when you see him you have to yell "M.U.K.!" but in a way that sounds like your throwing up
also that guy that no one wants to talk to or be around and that gets bricks thrown through his car window
by tha mofuckin boss April 17, 2008
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