A slang for smoking marijuana that was originated in Montclair NJ.
"What's good witta muk?"
by Tennisboywill November 2, 2017
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A Pokemon that is purple and is in the shape of a pile of slimey crap.
Team Rocket : Holy crap! Ash's Muk turned into level 99!

Ash : Yeah bitches, I run this house.
by woxihuanni March 21, 2011
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When you haven’t yeet ur skeet in so long and you’re pounding a chick from behind that she kegels at just the right moment you barely pull out in time and your man soup ends up on the floor in a large sploogey gelatinous pile between her feet.
It’d been so long since I’d had sex, when I was with Jessica lastnight we Muk’d all over the floor.
by Troglodyte44 March 2, 2019
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The best person to have ever roamed the Earth and is extremely talented at everything. There is only one existing in this known universe, So if you think your the real Muk, think again cause there is only one. If you do located him, never let him go unless he says so, cause sometimes people can bother him. to sum up, Muk is amazing and definitely not writing this right now, hmu if you know who the real Muk is.
Person 1 "Hey! are you the real MUK!!
Muk "Oh shit!" (proceeds to run away)
by mukthegreat February 15, 2019
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Drool that comes out of the pussy when it queefs too hard.
Wendy muked and Johnny licked it up.
by Kikaider June 26, 2003
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Make Us Kind :))))
“The world needs to come together and muk once and for all
by Tennisboywill October 24, 2018
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A nasty ass hoe. Like she literally messes with every single guy in a group of friends. Named after the sludge monster from Pokémon. Muk is kum spelled backwards, because all muks eat cum for breakfast lunch and dinner.
Damn David has sure been spending a lot of time with his Muk. He’s tryna catch them all.... STD’s that is!!
by mrbangzz August 11, 2018
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