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The most precious day in future history because the funny weed number and the funny sex number come together. There'll be a bunch of old farts that freak out on this day and the younger generation won't know what's going on.
Grandpa: Sonny, remind me what day is it?
Grandson: April the twentieth
Grandpa: And what year?
Grandson: 2069
Grandpa: Today's the day! 4/20/69! Pass me the bong.
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by truddle September 22, 2020

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When you leave everything you love and are familiar with behind because your job or your parents' job(s) makes you move. Although sometimes moving is better than staying for those unfortunate folks who have it really bad.
Carl: Hey guys, I'm moving to Albuquerque
Guys: Damn, that really sucks. Hope you like it there.
by truddle September 07, 2020

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All of the characters without using shift or option in diagonal sequenced rows.
There's no way anyone has typed 1qaz2wsx3edc4rfv5tgb6yhn7ujm8ik,9ol.0p;/-'=\ before
After realizing it has been done: (0o0)
by truddle October 01, 2020

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A guy about as smart as smart as the University of Yale. He's a witty guy, but most don't get his jokes. He likes reading big-brain books, he's into music, and he likes to travel. He's a great friend to talk to and very kind. Girls would be lucky to have him. He's also super swole, only he doesn't show it off.
Yale: It's really fascinating, the archetypes found in literature, they...
Yale's friend: Bro I was talking about my wife's new car, a Honda Odyssey, not the book, The Odyssey.
Yale: Oh, right.
by truddle September 11, 2020

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What you see when you are trying to make UD definition but your mind is as blank as your tax records.
by truddle March 08, 2021

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What someone has that cannot think for him/herself and is has no original thought, but takes information exactly as its given. Named after the character in William Shakespeare's Hamlet.
So many people these days have the Ophelia Syndrome, taking everything media, parents, peers and the news says as is, and never thinking about it for themselves.
by truddle November 11, 2020

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Word: what you see when you're about to make an Urban Dictionary definition
by truddle November 11, 2020

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