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best described by Tupac

"this dorment and uncaring society"
Tupac also describes our feelings on society

"i got beef with this society that dosent give a shit, they too quick to say goodbye to me"
by tha truth teller May 31, 2006
kobe style dosent refer to the way you have anal sex as the other definitions suggest, but rather when you dribble the ball,fake step to the left and cut right through your defender and finish it all off with a reverse windmill when coming off the base-line...

in a kobe-esque kind of way
you just got shook up and dunked on, KOBE STYLE!
by tha truth teller July 21, 2006
a one hit wonder pop rapper whose music appeals to middle schoolers. DIS IS WHY IM HOTT!

hes contributed nothing to hip-hop and he proves that strotypical rappers still exist..so hes worthless
look, he has the mims "why im hot" ringtone and he thinks hes "cool"
by tha truth teller March 28, 2007
if all humans were as: gentle, touching, gripping, motivating,socially aware and outspoken as Tupac......we would be living in absolute BLISS

"a creative heart obsessed with satisfying this DORMENT and UNCARING society"
Tupac was an excellent poerty writer and its evident in such poetry as "starry night" and "God" he is without a doubt the best artists EVER and was a genuine kind-hearted person

by tha truth teller May 31, 2006
a day in May when you MUST give a gift to YOUR mother and EVERY mother in your family......if not theyll treat you like shit and call you selfish,no matter how much you REALLY love them.......

a day when people show how materialistic they really are,a day when people get mad at you over a damned gift
i got paid $300 dollars at work and couldve bought a jersey and some shoes....but i ended up buying socks,earrings,cologne and a whole mess of other shit that my people wont use anyways......darned mother's day

if you dont they will be mad at you....regardless of how much you love and think about them
by tha truth teller May 10, 2006
a song by pop group ozone

the song is really gay and so is the video, in which all 4 members are in an airplane dancing,then they turn to comic book characters and the planes propellers turn to giant speakers so the world is exposed to the pure gayness of the group and song.....
last time i heard Dragostea Din Tei, my penis turned soft
by tha truth teller June 7, 2006
an NBA player who came from LSU and is now playing for the Miami Heat. known for being the biggest, most overpaid and most cock-eyed dood in the world. also has a crappy line of shoes
Interviewer: how do you feel about the upcoming NBA season?

Shaq: i uhhhhhhhh......ummmmmmmm........

uhhhhhhhhhhh.......uummmmmmmmmmmmmm (mumbles)
by tha truth teller October 3, 2006