What Louis Tomlinson thinks (knows) what Harry Styles tastes like😏😏
Liam Payne: Don’t know why I’m ask, actually I wanna ask u about something, don’t know why I wanna ask u about, because I know what ur going to say. “ What flavor..is Harry?

Louis: Uhhhhh....Salt and Vinegar? I was trying to think of something inventive, but that was just the first flavor that came to me.
by SkylanderForce July 24, 2018
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“Good job, little one! Who doesn’t love salt and vinegar?”
by Tilwon November 18, 2018
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stuff to put on your chips. Chiefly British.
Known as sore finga in Chinese takeaways
"You wan sore finga?"

"...no thanks!.. Oh, 'salt and vinegar' yes please"
by thewilderness February 14, 2012
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Louis Tomlinson during the OTRA tour defined Harry's flavor as salt and vinegar
Liam Payne: What flavor is Harry

Louis Tomlinson: Salt and vinegar?
by Arixew November 23, 2017
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The best crisp. ever if you eat these you're hot as hell
Y/n: Have you tried salt and vinegar?
A/o: No.?
by Liela accomdo May 30, 2021
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The act of urinating on/in an individual after ejaculating on/in the individual.
"Pablo...you just jizzed on my tits..?"
"Sorry Janine..let me just wash it off"

-Janine loves a good salt and vinegaring
by Jimmy Twitey August 6, 2017
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The best thing that has ever happened to a potato. They are very delicious and way better than normal chips.
I just had salt and vinegar chips. They were delicious.
by Sheryl Ateeandtee July 29, 2008
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