When someone is in McDonalds but doesn’t have time to find a toilet, they do a poo in their trousers.
Timmy was in McDonald’s with his friends and all of a sudden his friends saw him Scott Morrisoning or otherwise known as taking a ‘morris’ out of your ‘scott’ hole.
by Scottmorrison69 May 11, 2019
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A British singer/songwriter born in Rugby, England. Has some beautiful songs (especially This Boy and The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore) and a brilliant debut album called Undiscovered.
Do you like James Morrison? He's up for three Brit Awards
by Hollyy January 27, 2007
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An Irish singer born in 1945. His career spans from the 1960s till the present. He sang such hits as, "Brown Eyed Girl", Gloria and "Moondance". He was greatly influenced by black music (and sometimes forgets that he himself is not black).
But we love Van the Man.
by Ellie!!! February 23, 2006
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A large male originating from Knockadalteen in Co. Sligo, Ireland. Known for his perverse sense of humor and his pedofilliac characteristics Darren is best not approached in any situation. Renowned for his abnormally large sideburns Darren is a living example of puberty gone wrong. It is also suspeceted that he may also be running an animal pornographic studio in his room.
Guy 1: "Oh my God! Is that guy fucking a horse?"

Guy 2: "Meet Darren Morrison...."
by Anon m0ssy xp3r7 October 15, 2008
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The big Daddy of coal. Literally I think his mum and dad is coal geez he really loves his Coal. Also he is probably be the reason Australia falls to bush fires lol
Yo you must be the coal boy Scott Morrison
by Erex69 March 23, 2022
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A devoted Cronulla Sharks fan who frequents Engadine McDonalds

He also is the prime minister of Australia, but that doesn't matter
"Hey who's that dude who shat himself at Engadine McDonalds after the Sharks lost in '97"
"That's Scott Morrison"
by Ebic_Gamer69XXxx April 19, 2021
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Jim is everything a normal guy, will never achieve. Hi was not only an amazing musician, with an incredible voice, who would touch anyone's soul, but an extremely good poet. His lyrics, are a fountain of inspiration, placed in the terrific band "The doors" whom rythms may rip your heart out, if you let them.
Tell me where your freedom lies...
by MariZ July 4, 2005
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