One of the biggest plugs/trap gods in Canada. known for his many works of monarchy relief for Canadians during the 2008 stock market crash. Also nicknamed the dark wizard/warlord and referred to by many as the Dark magician
Kyle- today I feel like Mark Morrison
Kyle- hey mike what we doing tonight

Mike- I think we doing some real mark shit!
by Wet poop August 19, 2020
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Jennifer Morrison is the extremely talented actress who plays Dr. Allison Cameron on the hit medical drama House M.D.
"My resume for Dr. Allison Cameron has me graduating medical school the year I graduated junior high." - Jennifer Morrison
by muohio July 13, 2006
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gayest cunt ever (also a cripple)..... will also turn women gay and has to have sexual intercourse 8 times to not be considered a virgin
dan: Fuck off Alistair you crippled cunt

leo: You stupid fuck how did you manage to turn your girlfriend gay
Alistair: sorry guys I can't help it I guess I'm just a Alistair Morrison(virgin)
by dan za(gotta huge)koc November 8, 2017
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Jim Morrison was a truly remarkable guy. He was the son of a Navy Admiral, brought up in the same kind of middle-class comfort that he (and many others)sought, and still seek, to rebell against. In short, Jim was prepared to go over the edge to follow what he believed to be his true path. He had the courage to forsake the safety of his life and choose the stormy waters to sail into. He did not compromise. Ever. But he paid the ultimate price. But for people like Jim, there is no old age or retirement. Only immortality. And that would be ruined if he was now an old wash-out like that other legend Brando faded into. Sadly Jim was flawed, like all of us. the difference was that his flaw (alcoholisim) was used to vilify him and prosecute him by a society that (in the 1960's) was terrifyed of what him and his ilk stood for.
'Jim Morrison lived out there on the edge. All the time. Somebody has to, in order to make up for those of us who choose to play it safe all the time.' - Danny Sugarman
by The Good Dr. Eric January 24, 2007
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Quite possibly the greatest wrestler in SmackDown history, behind Jeff Hardy, the Undertaker, Hulk Hogan and of course The Rock. Way better than John Cena, and 100 times better than HHH.
Dude, John Morrison is sooo awesome!
by Phenomenal1 September 12, 2009
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one of the best poets in the world.
one of the best singers in the 60's
jim morrison : the god of rock

and to 4 : fuck you son of a bitch!
by liranbj June 25, 2005
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When a snail magically grows arms and legs resembling that of a Dutch woman alongside a questionably fruity personality
Look at that snail he’s a real James Morrison
by Yeayaaaaa April 13, 2020
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