A range of tactics for dodging your responsibilities, including (but not limited to): going missing when the going gets tough; passing the buck; and talking your way out of a tight spot with an empty promise.

Australian slang. Inspired by Australia’s 30th Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

(NOTE: ‘Doing a Morrison’ is not to be confused with ‘Getting Morrisoned’, which usually involves you losing either your pre-selection (see Michael Towke), your job (see Christine Holgate), or your credit for a job well done (see nearly everyone else).)
Crew member 1: “The ship’s taking on water. We’re sinking. Where the bloody hell’s the captain?”
Crew member 2: “Oh, he’s already done a Morrison and racked off in a lifeboat.”

Barry: “How did you get your creditors off your back.”
Bruce: “Too easy. I told them the, ah, cheque was in the mail. Did a total Morrison.”

Delia: “Did you eat the last Tim Tam?”
Nev (wiping chocolate from his lips): “No. It must have been… the other guy.”
Delia: “What other guy? You’re doing a Morrison, aren’t you?”

“Yeah mate, it was piss easy, I just did a Morrison. Promised I’d always love her and she believed it and gave me the money.”
by M_TURNBULL October 9, 2021
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The best person you'll ever know of. she's beautiful, smart, talented and overall just amazing! she played Emma Swan on Once Upon A Time and Dr Allison Cameron on House along with many other roles. She has an adorable dog named Ava who she's obsessed with. Enjoys coffee.
Oh my gosh!! Jennifer Morrison is such a smol bean!!
I know right!
by dfgrht July 18, 2017
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He is the Shaman of Sexy, The Monday Night Delight, Chuck Norris of Nookie, The Shaolin Master of Manliness, Ambassador of Abdominals, Prince of Parkour.

Former WWE and World Tag Team Champion with Joey Mercury (MNM) and later The Miz (The Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century). A former Intercontinental Champion.

Hosted a Slammy-award winning internet show with Miz called The Dirt Sheet where they were mock their opponents. Every episode opened with "Hi, I'm John Morrison and ..." which featured some outlandish fact or tidbit about himself. Also, hosted a solo internet show called The Palace of Wisdom.

Known for integrating a parkour style into wrestling, creating a number of fantastic spots, such as the "ninja spot" from The 2011 Royal Rumble. But he is more than a spot monkey and can mat/submission wrestle. (Watch Hell in the Cell 2010 if you don't believe me.)

Often compared to a younger Shawn Michaels.
Seriously, have you seen John Morrison's abs? My god...
by FemmeJoMo July 5, 2011
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A great american poet. He had an extrodinary mind but beleived that intoxication was his muse. He Changed the face of music forever. His band the Doors was very popular in the 60's and 70's, but was no more when Jim died of heart failure in 1971.
Popular songs were break on through, light my fire. His Breakout moment with the Doors at the Whisky-a-go-go.
by sXcisgay. February 5, 2005
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An american agent sent by the money-grubbing cult (publicly known as hillsong) to dismantle Australia and sell everything that is not bolted down to expand your owners' life of luxury (your real owners mentioned by George Carlin in "the big club" narrative) and to lay the groundwork for an upcoming draconian austerity regime headed by peter dutton a-ka spud for the masses with the total mass surveillance police state and all-encompassing government control making orwellian world look like a dreamland. A firm believer in a theory of a golden billion, although will obviously never confirm that until mechanisms which will put that theory into practice will become irreversible. A schemer, a space invader disguised as your average soccer dad, and just a cool and normal person who is always ready to recommend a friendly chaplain when your kids need some "spiritual guidance" to distract them from relentless bullying and make it look like they're being helped (but if you're part of his get-together that is)
How good is Australia? - scott morrison
by how good is corruption? October 13, 2020
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An Absolute Unit. Floyd Morrison is a Carpentry God that works within New England. The man can wipe out any Ply-Wood with one Blow of a 20oz. Estewing Hammer. Floyd also teaches Carpentry, he has Taught many people but Tommy Agnelli is one of the most interesting but that’s a story for another day. Now you may be wondering “How is this guy so great” well here is where things get better, He knows who Joe is, “Joe Who?” “JOE MAMAA!” Not only all that but he is a Certified OSHA instructor also he can look at you and you will disappear into thin air because you broke a safety violation... He’s more powerful than Thanos, Big Chungus, and Shaggy at his full power. The Man is like Thor if you took away the lightning and the Hair, but he is a God though. From personal experience I think he might be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Remember that if you run into this man say Hello because why not.👍
Floyd Morrison is the most Godly human being I’ve ever met and if you testify me you will be banished to the realm of forgotten freshman.
by Mr. Morrison Jr. September 22, 2020
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