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Potent opiate derived from the opium poppy. Used for relief of severe and agonizing pain and suffering. When abused it makes you forget how shitty your life is and makes you feel GOOOOOOOD. After you come down and remember how much your life sucks you'll probably end up spending all your money on more or steal from a family member who may or may not actually need it. There's no going back, you'll always have that desire to get high again.
The bad side says: Steal a few morphine from your grandmother! It'll make you feel GOOOOOOOOD.

The good side says: Don't be a fucking asshole, your grandmother needs those meds. Go smoke weed and stay away from hard drugs.
by Pillowpants8495 November 30, 2011
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Potent opiate narcotic, widely used in hospitals for relief of severe pain. Addictive with potential for abuse. Overdose may be lethal. Side effects include narcosis and respiratory depression.
When Dad was in the hospital with his heart attack, the nurse kept shooting him up with morphine for his chest pain.
by Marty October 22, 2003
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they give it in hospitals through injection to relieve pain.
it feels soooo good but i know its addictive. the feeling is similar to heroin. the feeling is like fire rushes throughout your body and you feel real tired and you suddenly feel weak, but in a good way. you dont give a fuck about anything and you get a euphoric feeling its real fun but dont abuse it or get addicted or else your fucked
the doctor at the hospital shooted me up with morphine
by wiz khalifa 4 lyf June 05, 2010
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Someone who can make you feel good no matter how low you get.
My morphine pulled me out of my sadness and made me smile.

Jasmine always manages to make me happy, shes like my morphine
by ThiefOfDreams May 23, 2009
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Morphine is a potent opiate narcotic used to treat severe and agonizing pain and suffering, often considered to be the strongest painkiller short of diacetylmorphine, also known as Heroin. Morphine is also the the best and worst recreational drug in the world, it will make you feel good no matter how sad and depressed you are, it will make you feel so good in fact that you may become psychologically addicted to it after just one use. Noticeable tolerance will develop after just a few uses if taken daily. Tolerance can be avoided by using it only once per week or less. Psychical addiction will occur after around 10 uses or so in a short period of time. Mild addiction is maybe a stomach ache or head ache and a general I-feel-like-shit feeling when withdrawn from the drug. Hardcore addiction means agonizing headache, stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and terrible drug cravings. As an opiate user I can say that they make you feel great, but if you take them to much or to often they can ruin your life.
Jim was offered some morphine at a party, he enjoyed the high that he got and then went home and didn't take morphine again for months.

Joe was a pharmacist, he took morphine for the first time and found it hard to resist continued use. He became an addict, he lost his job, and now spends every dollar he gets on more of the drug.
by Jamesthepothead August 02, 2010
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Medical-use end product of the refining of Opium Poppies. Without going through all the steps---poppies, opium, heroin, morphine diacetyl morphine
Morphine comes from the Doctor, Heroin from the street
by BenG March 08, 2005
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