Hydromorphone is a powerfull opiate drug that produces extreme euphoria and blissful apathy. Hydromorphone is the 3rd strongest opiate pharmacutically produced. It is very affective Intra-veineous but produces little effect orally or insufflated (snorted). Becouse of this it is rarley abused unlike other opiates. Many users who have experienced this drug coin it there own peronal "slice of heaven" becouse of its extreme euphoriaic bliss enducing effects.
Brand Names - Dilaudid Hydrostat Palladone
Slang Street Names -'dillies "hydro" "M2s" "Hospital Heroin"
Side Effects Include - Extreme Euphoria, Blissfull apathy, relaxation, loss of stress and worry, and addiction in some. Opiates and all drugs should only be used by the well eductaed and saftey minded individual who fully understands the pharmological effects of the substance.

"Hydromorphon is my ideal vacation; complete euphoria and loss of stress and worry for a short 3 hour period" - coworker whom uses hydromorphone 2-3 times a year instead of a costly and not guranteed to be positive travel vacation.
by Shinji Enod Ikari, Ph.D December 31, 2005
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drug that has the following affects: dizziness
stomach pains
difficulty urinating
that hydromorphone is nasty but it stopped my cough
by brendan May 21, 2004
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