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A preverbal mind state that when reached a person is completely immobile and losses many simple motor skills such as walking and speaking. For example, your friend has just smoked 5 grams of weed in one sitting…he would proceed to hit the “morgue”. This reference refers to immobility of a cadaver at a morgue; thus a person that would be described as “morguing” (verb for morgue) is no doubt sitting on a couch procrastinating on whether or not they have the energy to roll over. Super ultra extreme lazy-ness is a synonym of “morgue”.
Man I was so "morgued" last night I dont know what came over me; it was probably the half ounce of sticky I puffed last night. That stuff always makes me hit "THE MORGUE".
by Shain and Poze January 12, 2006
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Paper product used as a barrier against unwanted messes, such as the liner at the bottom of a bird cage.
Please put a New York Times under that before it gets all over the place.
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Morgue, Mortuary, etc.

A morgue is the place a dead body is taken before burial, or is the place of a person's cremation.
And so John was taken to the Morgue on sunday night, before his burial early the next morning.
by Pinkfishe May 14, 2006
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There really isnt much more to say after that outstanding and inquisitive response by Shane and Poze. Their defintion is the morgue. The morgue consumes all who enter, and seldem escape, leaving u trapped in a momentary to perpetual state of pergatory. Only the strong willed can remove themselves from such an innebriating state of mind. The Morgue, you will find yourself enveloped, before you even try to prevent it.
Person 1: " Man lets actaully do something tonight and not morgue out, im really not feelin the morgue.."
Person 2: " Aight well actually do soemthing tonight, im not feelin it either, lets just break up sesh, and look for something to do in the meantime.."
Minutes later.....
Person 1: "..........."
Person 2: "........................."
Person 1: " dammmmm, the morgue consumed us faster than we expected, looks like werre morguing tonight...ughh"
Person 2: " Dude, you cant escape the morgggueeee.."
by Joradd June 04, 2007
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Mysterious area below main level at the high school. Screams of little children, and sights of old drunken men come from the door leading to the morgue. Students have went down and never came out, particually this year.
"Your crazy! Why are you going down into the morgue?"

"I guess you never heard the story of the old black man have you?"
by Frank-Dogg October 12, 2005
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A girl on ems who is literate and fairly kind to others, including n00bs. For some reason she doesn't believe in being rude to them, unless they piss her off. She's pretty cool, possibly a little boring, but not too bad to talk too. She seems to always be on the search for literate people to talk to.
Morgue: Are there any literate people to talk to? Because I'm just not getting that vibe from all the other boards, and I'm about to pull out my hair for entertainment.
by Morgue's stalker April 23, 2005
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The god-damn sexiest hunk of a man.
May be used to refer to a male who is tall, fantabulous in bed, amusing, compassionate, articulate and all-round special. Synonymous with "big hunky".
"Geez, that guy is a total Morgue."


"I wish I had a Morgue".


"That chick thinks she is so it, now that she has a Morgue".
by Cal May 20, 2003
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