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There really isnt much more to say after that outstanding and inquisitive response by Shane and Poze. Their defintion is the morgue. The morgue consumes all who enter, and seldem escape, leaving u trapped in a momentary to perpetual state of pergatory. Only the strong willed can remove themselves from such an innebriating state of mind. The Morgue, you will find yourself enveloped, before you even try to prevent it.
Person 1: " Man lets actaully do something tonight and not morgue out, im really not feelin the morgue.."
Person 2: " Aight well actually do soemthing tonight, im not feelin it either, lets just break up sesh, and look for something to do in the meantime.."
Minutes later.....
Person 1: "..........."
Person 2: "........................."
Person 1: " dammmmm, the morgue consumed us faster than we expected, looks like werre morguing tonight...ughh"
Person 2: " Dude, you cant escape the morgggueeee.."
by Joradd June 04, 2007
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