The bank.

It holds all of your 'Dead Presidents' (Money)... (past presidents that are dead are on the face of money)

See also 'casket'.
Woman: I just had to go to the morgue today.
Friend: Aww... who died?
Woman: No,No. I just had to cash my check.
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A disparaging nickname for the American mega-bank, J.P. Morgan.
Everyone who works at the morgue is a f*%&ing crook.
by econtutor October 13, 2011
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A preverbal mind state that when reached a person is completely immobile and losses many simple motor skills such as walking and speaking. For example, your friend has just smoked 5 grams of weed in one sitting…he would proceed to hit the “morgue”. This reference refers to immobility of a cadaver at a morgue; thus a person that would be described as “morguing” (verb for morgue) is no doubt sitting on a couch procrastinating on whether or not they have the energy to roll over. Super ultra extreme lazy-ness is a synonym of “morgue”.
Man I was so "morgued" last night I dont know what came over me; it was probably the half ounce of sticky I puffed last night. That stuff always makes me hit "THE MORGUE".
by Shain and Poze January 13, 2006
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Morgue, Mortuary, etc.

A morgue is the place a dead body is taken before burial, or is the place of a person's cremation.
And so John was taken to the Morgue on sunday night, before his burial early the next morning.
by Pinkfishe May 14, 2006
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There really isnt much more to say after that outstanding and inquisitive response by Shane and Poze. Their defintion is the morgue. The morgue consumes all who enter, and seldem escape, leaving u trapped in a momentary to perpetual state of pergatory. Only the strong willed can remove themselves from such an innebriating state of mind. The Morgue, you will find yourself enveloped, before you even try to prevent it.
Person 1: " Man lets actaully do something tonight and not morgue out, im really not feelin the morgue.."
Person 2: " Aight well actually do soemthing tonight, im not feelin it either, lets just break up sesh, and look for something to do in the meantime.."
Minutes later.....
Person 1: "..........."
Person 2: "........................."
Person 1: " dammmmm, the morgue consumed us faster than we expected, looks like werre morguing tonight...ughh"
Person 2: " Dude, you cant escape the morgggueeee.."
by Joradd June 5, 2007
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Usually used in response to something that has made you laugh so severely that you have lost the will to live. Not to be confused with dying ded dead im dead or deceased this is much worse. You have an absolute zero percent chance of resuscitation. You've been morgued
Eli : yo I'm grabbing a coffee on my way over, you feelin' it?

Stewie : bet

Eli : baristas aways lookin' like they have a degree in lesbian dance theory.

Stewie : 100% morgued
by Merlcaptain November 25, 2018
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person 1 (loser): omg selena gomez is so ugly!
person 2 (cool): what? she’s literally THE MORGUE
by hellokitty52:) October 7, 2022
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