A cute girl who is fly as absolute hell. She is known for having mad respect for everyone. She is a complete bad-ass mother fucker! She seems ok at first, but if you get to know her, then she is the most HILARIOUS girl you could ever meet. She usually has brown or hazel eyes and long brown hair. Even though she isn't a blonde, she is usually always a BEAUTIFUL brunette. Somebody with the name Morgan is almost ALWAYS willing to hook up with any guy that makes her feel great. She loves it when guys put their arm around her, and when they give her piggy back rides. A Morgan is an amazing kisser, usually with much experience and dedication. She doesn't push any guy to do things they don't want to, and she will always be loyal to the guy she loves. She is usually on the shorter side. Somebody who's name is Morgan can eaisly be the girl that you fall for. And i can promise you, she usually makes you fall hard, really hard.
Wow, that girl Morgan is so beautiful and fly as hell.
by jakemichaelmiller1111 July 15, 2013
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Morgan is (simply put) the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She has a stunning body, beautiful face, and her eyes will make you stop dead in your tracks. She is also the funniest and most charming woman on the face of the earth. Is likely seen roaming around with the luckiest man on earth, who will always love her, no matter how humble she pretends to be.
Male bystander #1"Oh my fucking God, it's Morgan!!"

Male bystander #2"Holy shit!! I have to get her number!!"

Male bystander #3"I'll fucking kill both of you for her address"
by Anonymous [NightShade] March 8, 2009
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Morgan is the most beautiful girl you will ever lay eyes on.
She has stunning blue eyes and usually light brown hair, shes hilarious, outgoing, friendly,lovable, GORGEOUS.
she lives off of athletics and is one of the biggest heartbreakers that you will ever meet. Consider yourself lucky if you find yourself with a morgan, because they are truly something special. Though they are not the brightest of them all..many girls are jealous of a morgan, I don't blame them though. morgan has swag.
by dontsweatmyswag November 25, 2011
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An amazing friend. She is really down to earth and fun. Her positivity makes her fun to be around. Morgan's are usually sweet, kind and beautiful. There isn't a better friend.
Morgan is so cool!
by i only tell the truth May 24, 2016
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An amazing ,outgoin , athletic girl. She loves to have fun and is always ready to party. Has excelent athletic skill. An extroidinary person who can make lots of freinds. Can be very sarcastic and is very funny. Although she's not the prettiest girl or the most popular ; she is very kind & caring. She is not afraid to stand out in a crowd or hang with the guys and get dirty. She is very down to earth and very independent.
Morgan is amazing.
by Pandora7 July 18, 2009
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One of the best people I've ever, not only met, but laid eyes on.
Me: That girl though!

Friend: Yeah. She's Morgan.

by bobtom1234 January 12, 2014
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Morgan is a sexy man who is tall and has dark hair as well as dark eyes. He's romantic and funny and is very very attractive.
He was sexy in other words Morgan.
by Sexy Morgan Rox February 22, 2014
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