the most beautiful person in the world. she is so trust worthy. you will never forget what she looks like. she is so nice too. she is so amazing!! everyone says is is the pretiest.:)
stop trying to be like morgan! you cant be better than her!
by the pretty chick February 23, 2010
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A sporty girl who's beautiful and a total player. She's looking for the right guy, but doesn't notice the hearts she's breaking along the way. She has blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. When you meet a Morgan you're amazed because she has no stereotype. She's cool, hilarious, and all around a great person. You can trust her to keep your secrets, cheer you up, and have your back. She's weird in a cool way and makes a lot of friends with her humor. When you meet a Morgan cherish her. But watch out, you might fall for her. If you do and she isn't ready to catch you you're going to get hurt.

Can also be used as a Morgan Horse
Person 1 "Do you Know Morgan?"

Person 2 "Yea she's so funny! I wish I were like her!"
by Loomo February 22, 2010
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Morgan is BEST PERSON YOU WILL EVER MEET IN YOUR LIFE. She is an amazing girl who is beautiful in every way possible. Morgan is a person with stunning green eyes and a smile that will light up the world. She loves laughing and smiling, and its also another word for being AMAZING and GORGEOUS and LOVED. Morgan as a verb is to laugh a lot. morgan can also be an interjection, like saying THATS GREAT! Words cannot describe a morgan, even these.
Noun--My friend is such a Morgan, i love her soo much.
Adjective--That guy has such morgan-ness going on
by Bonquisha Lafisha Yaya November 26, 2007
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Morgan is this amazing freshman girl, She has the most beautiful brown eyes, She is a beautiful singer, Shes smart and brave, Morgan is the most amazing girl, She doesn't care what people think of her, Shes pretty and shes understanding, She is always there for her friends, Morgan is the most hottest freshman I've ever met, Shes funny and I love everything about her, Morgan is really cute shes a great best friend she has the most beautiful smile
Morgan: im so nervous about choir
guy1: Don't be nervous If you get nervous Think of me
by Mentalrocks August 19, 2011
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Most amazing girl ever! She is athletic and has a great body. She has a nice butt and breast. She is everything and more. She will always be wanted by a guy. Nothing will ever get in the way of this beautiful outgoing girl!
"Damn Morgan is looking sexy today!"

"To bad she has a man, wish I could be him!"
by that guy9 December 10, 2013
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A 'Morgan' is a person of awesome character, charm and wit. A person who is exciting, sexy, alluring and whimsically comical.

Morgan is perfect and frustratingly captivating.
why aren't more guys like that Morgan!
by bodge09 October 07, 2009
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A goofy guy, usually good looking with dark hair, amazin light eyes and an awesome smile. He can make anyone laugh, and he has an awesome laugh. Usually used to describe something singular, but can be used for something plural as well.
Ex. 1
Guy 1: Dude, Morgan was so funny in class today!

Guy 2: I know! My stomach still hurt from laughing so much

Ex. 2
Girl 1: OMG, I met this guy, and he has the BEST personality, and the most gorgeous eyes, he makes me laugh so much too!

Girl 2: He's a Morgan, no doubt about it!
by Idcwututhinkimme November 18, 2012
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