The best person on this planet, He is smart, attractive, and fun to be around. He always knows what he is talking about, and will win you attention in less than a minute.

A word used when describing how awsome something is

A synonym of amazing
Dude that is so Morgan
by a4815162342 April 7, 2011
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a Morgan is the most beautiful girl in the world and when your holding one looking into her beautiful brown eyes you feel invincible because you know as long as you have your Morgan nothing could ever hurt you as long as she loves you. Morgans think they are ugly and stupid but they are the exact opposites. they are the kind of girls you'd do anything for just to see her smile even if only for a few seconds. everything you see in Morgan amazes you. when a Morgan laughs its the cutest little giggle anyone has ever heard its intoxicating. Morgan will write you a billion notes and even though they all say the same kind of thing, you still cant wait to get the next one because you know that she still hasn't stopped thinking your amazing too. Morgans are worth everything and more but they don't see it while everyone else does. Morgans are always pretty no matter with or without make up. when you have a Morgan you don't want to go to sleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. I'm just lucky i have a Morgan and i suggest any single guy out there get one as well, you wont be disappointed!
Nick: guess what?
Morgan: what?
Nick: your amazing!
Morgan: thanks babe but i don't think so.
by Nick1223 July 23, 2010
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Morgan is this amazing freshman girl, She has the most beautiful brown eyes, She is a beautiful singer, Shes smart and brave, Morgan is the most amazing girl, She doesn't care what people think of her, Shes pretty and shes understanding, She is always there for her friends, Morgan is the most hottest freshman I've ever met, Shes funny and I love everything about her, Morgan is really cute shes a great best friend she has the most beautiful smile
Morgan: im so nervous about choir
guy1: Don't be nervous If you get nervous Think of me
by Mentalrocks August 19, 2011
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A girl who if you ever have the pleasure of meeting you'll walk away hoping it isn't the last time. Smart, bold, and always with a witty retort to make sure any conversation is interesting and a good time. Not only blessed with rare beauty, green eyes you can get lost in and a killer smile, but also a rare blend of modesty and confidence that is sooo attractive. She has great taste in movies, music, and clothes and loves sports, cuddling and long walks on the beach. She'll make you go crazy and stay around in ur head when she's not there, and you'll love every minute of it.
Wow, he's in a daze!" "Must be that Morgan" "Why did I even wonder?"
by Scarlett's Man May 16, 2011
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Morgan is (simply put) the most amazing girl you will ever meet. Morgan as a verb is to laugh a lot. Morgan is a person with stunning green eyes and a smile that will light up the world. She has excellent athletic skill and can be very sarcastic. Morgans are very funny.
Morgan is the perfect chick.
by STMeAn March 2, 2010
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morgan is a sweet, beautiful, caring girl. She is loving. She has a temper, but only if you get her mad! She usually has brown eyes, and brunette hair. She may think shes ugly, and stupid, when people really think shes beautiful and smart. Morgans are nice girls. and they are very athletic! Morgans may choose the wrong guys, but they always learn from their mistakes. Morgans are the best. Plus they know what people say, and think about them. Morgans also have beautiful eyes no matter what.
Brandon: I wish I had Morgan.
Joey: But you have a girl.
Brandon: But she's not anything like Morgan.
Sarah: Uggh I wish i was morgan!
Jenna: But why you have a guy?
Sarah: Because morgan knows what people think of her.
Jenna: Don't worry!
Morgan: I love being a morgan!
Taylor: Why?
Morgan: Cause it's who i am.
by babiegirl16 May 4, 2011
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Beautiful woman with a wonderful personality. All males are naturally attracted to her. She has a wonderful personality and she is very smart!
Dude 1" Morgan Is So Hot!"
Dude 2 "I was Gonna ask her on a date"
Dude 1 " Fuck Off She's Mine!!"
Dude 3 " I already asked her on a Date!! She said no though."
by MorganHopeCross March 22, 2015
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