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Hispanic name, which based on common people with the last name (like me), probably means smart, sexy and powerful.
Hot girl #1: who's that hotty walking over there.
Hot girl #2: His name is Juan. I bet his last name is Morales.
Hot girl #1: Why?
Hot girl #2: Cause hes smart, sexy (very, very sexy) and powerful.
by The Sexy Mexican Guy (Morales) November 03, 2010
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Cheerfulness, well-being, confidence, and the willful spirit to do something.
No research is needed to show that employee morale usually sinks lower than an ocean trench within a few months of working at any job.
by AYB October 18, 2003
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Overall feeling, usually of a group of people. When morale is high, people are happy. When it is low, people are probably grumbling.
"The beatings will continue until morale improves!"
-Sgt. Craig Pittman
by Diggity Monkeez July 14, 2005
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If you ever see a Morales you're in luck! A Morales is the most hottest person you will ever meet. A Morlales will be the most funniest person you will ever meet. If you ask a Morales out than there is a 85% chance that he will say yes! Only if you are a nice person. If a Morales says yes when you ask him out than he will treat you like no man has ever done. A Morales is Litt!
Girl: I am a nice girl looking for a boyfriend but everyone keeps REJECTING ME!!!
Friend: I know how to help you to get a boyfriend!
Girl: HOW???!!!
Friend: Ask a Morales out, you're nice right?
Girl: Yes.
Friend: Than you have a 85% chance he will say yes.
Girl: Thankyou so much for helping me!
random person: 5 hours later.
Girl: Do you want to go out with me?
Morales: I would love to go out with you.
Girl: "Faints"
by Osirislover May 04, 2018
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The shy one who seems distant but in reality has alot on his mind. Amiable, forgiving, and cute!!!
Female 1:"That Morales seems so distant I wonder if he even pays attention?"
Female 2:" Of course he pays attention he's just a little shy. You know, he's really friendly and cute I can tell you have fallen for him."
Female 1:"....!!! um.....well."
Female 2:"heh, knew it."
by Memorable Moments March 10, 2017
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1. A surname (not only of El Salvadorians and what have yous) for Hispanics all over originating in Seville, Spain.

2. Surprisingly, it is very becoming as a nickname for the person carrying the last name.

3. Also, may become the butt of jokes (see example below)
1. Katarina del Lodronos Morales is a gorgeous Spaniard vixen. Watch out now!

2. "Ay, yo Morales! What 'cha up to man??"

3. Hey your last name is Morales which is 'morals' in Spanish. . . .but you don' have any!
by Katarina del Lodronos Morales September 07, 2011
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