Hispanic name, which based on common people with the last name (like me), probably means smart, sexy and powerful.
Hot girl #1: who's that hotty walking over there.
Hot girl #2: His name is Juan. I bet his last name is Morales.
Hot girl #1: Why?
Hot girl #2: Cause hes smart, sexy (very, very sexy) and powerful.
by The Sexy Mexican Guy (Morales) November 3, 2010
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Something people pretend to have until they are inconvenienced or are faced with any kind of uncomfortable confrontation.
Eric: You seen the messed up stuff that goes on in other disadvantaged countries?
John:Yeah all that suffering and terror caused by the pursuit of wealth.We should help!
Eric: You know if capitalism ended we wouldn’t be able to live in hyper luxury and comfort.
John: Oh yeah

Eric:Fuck em lol
Berkeley person: Capitalist pigs, you have no morales!
Capitalists:Don’t you also benefit from the suffering of the disadvantaged regardless of your intentions?
Berkeley person: kill’s themselves with razor-blade made using cheap slave labor and material mined using child labor.
by Cockblastof09 April 12, 2022
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The shy one who seems distant but in reality has alot on his mind. Amiable, forgiving, and cute!!!
Female 1:"That Morales seems so distant I wonder if he even pays attention?"
Female 2:" Of course he pays attention he's just a little shy. You know, he's really friendly and cute I can tell you have fallen for him."
Female 1:"....!!! um.....well."
Female 2:"heh, knew it."
by Memorable Moments March 11, 2017
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1. A surname (not only of El Salvadorians and what have yous) for Hispanics all over originating in Seville, Spain.

2. Surprisingly, it is very becoming as a nickname for the person carrying the last name.

3. Also, may become the butt of jokes (see example below)
1. Katarina del Lodronos Morales is a gorgeous Spaniard vixen. Watch out now!

2. "Ay, yo Morales! What 'cha up to man??"

3. Hey your last name is Morales which is 'morals' in Spanish. . . .but you don' have any!
by Katarina del Lodronos Morales September 8, 2011
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A mexican and el salvadorian sur name. Usually people who are very money hungry and determined to make it at whatever costs!
___ Morales divorced his wife because she took a dollar from his wallet.

Now is sueing her for palimony!
by Jay Morales July 22, 2008
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Something that society nowadays knows nothing of.

being moral is not proving something to others, being moral is proving something to yourself.

Being moral is not THINKING you know what you are doing is right, its KNOWING
what you are doing is right.

Being moral doesnt mean not watching TV, nor donating to charity (Although donating to charity is really awesome, it doesnt make a person good or worse than another, it just means that they are a very generous person)

Being moral is not adopting people from third world countries, or other things mentioned by people who have no idea what morality is.
For example: The Bible is what I consider a code of morals I follow by.

Being moral can best be described as being pure hearted, having chastity, having no sexual immorality, no drunkeness, being gentlemanly or womanly, being a good person, being good to others around you, having humility, going against what you know is wrong, being courageous in the face of adversity, and being noble.

Being moral is being true to yourself.
by Not Zane July 29, 2004
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