A small ass Quaker Town filled with rich brats. Closet probably cost more then you will ever make in your life. If you have under a $500 purse your considered poor. Fuck boys and Thotties party all night juuling and drinking and see who can hu with more boys. Parents spoil you to death and be driving around town in there brand new Mercedes . More skin means more popular . White kids act blacked and the black kids act white which is the funny part.
Moorestown is a town filled with slutty rich brats
by ahl1982 February 18, 2018
A quaint little towne where, one would assume not much goes on. But in fact, the opposite would be correct.

Nights spent upon the main avenue can be quite dangerous for those who are not prepared. Gangs of wild ruffians do roam but one can easily fend them off with some wity banter.

The senior house of education is a well honered plae to attend if, you don't mind large taxes on your earnings. Some may say the women of the school happen to be increadibly flirtatious others say they are well endowed with large bosoms. The professors run a tight ship making sure our education is of the highest quality.

The Anglo-Saxon race is the majority while other lesser races do sparsely populate the towne.

The shopping district on the main avenue does contain many fine eateries but the stores are begining to show their age.

Now for the parts of Moorestowne that cause woe. The towne does contain a large criminal underbelly. They normally won't bother you unless you don't pay their protection fines. But fret not! A large swathe of their lairs of evil have been desposed of by the towne's constables. The towne's constables do seem a bit gruff but over time one will learn to cherish their existence after they save you from some of the townes famous rowdy ragamuffins.

In clonclusion the towns is a nice place to live as long as you come prepared with knowledge and coin.
"I say my fellow do you know of a nice place to make my way in life?"

"Why, yes good sir I do know of such a place, the towne of Moorestowne. But heed this warning, try not to trifle with the dangerous outlaws that inhabit portions of the towne"
by Sir Charles of Moorestowne October 13, 2013
Ranked #1 place to live in the United States by CNN.
Top schools, good jobs, and nice homes at reasonable prices. The town, founded by Quakers, bans the sale of alcohol, but there's plenty of night life in Philadelphia, just 15 miles away. About half the work force commutes to Philadelphia. Easy access to highways means a trip to the Jersey Shore takes less than an hour, and New York City is 90 minutes away in the opposite direction.

What's the number #1 town in the nation to live, that would be Moorestown, NJ.
by Kelly Clarkson October 6, 2005
A small extremely boring town in Burlington County, New Jersey. Where clueless parents grant their kids money and permission to drink and smoke all the time. There is excellent athletics from Moorestown, for instants the girls lacrosse team was #1 in the Nation. It's too bad that parents spoil their kids so much, little bitches like Blair Hornstine can sue for not being Valdictorian. Never move there it's hell.
Joey moved to Moorestown only to end up begging his parents to move to sibera a month later.
by Zeka April 15, 2004
A town in southern New Jersey, near Philadelphia.

Synonym: Mo'town
Moorestown is such a boring place to live that I sometimes want to stab myself in the throat with a pen just to end the pain.
by MHS class of 2002 March 8, 2004
A small town filled a bunch of fiends who spend their night partying and juuling.
The wamsters (sevies and eighth graders) are also fiends who like to spend their summer nights on mainstreet, juuling of course.

The high schoolers at Moorestown High are the definition rich white girls and preppy boys.
They party every other weekend.
They all lil bitches tho.
Mainstreet is where everyone goes to gang bang and eat 99 cent pizza which is trash but their fries are good.
Everyone in Moorestown is extremely petty and stuck up.
Moorestown is gay
by BillyBillyBiiLLy March 21, 2018
a boring crackerjack town where all the kids drink hard liquor from the time they stepped out of their mama and all the girls are trash if their purse is below 500 dollars and polo shirts are not only what you wear but if you don't you get suspended oh and where all the black people try to be black but act so white it is not even funny and the white people act blacker than the the black people and the puerto rican people say how much they LOVE puerto rico every two seconds that it literally makes you sick and in need of a therapist
sally: a yo dawg what we doin tonite HOFFA

bonquisha: mark do we have any plans for this evening?

juan: PUERTO RICO!!! OHHHHHHHH (two seconds later) BORICUA PARA VIVA!!!!! ( are you gonna change your cultural background anytime soon?)
by tati December 25, 2004