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a boring crackerjack town where all the kids drink hard liquor from the time they stepped out of their mama and all the girls are trash if their purse is below 500 dollars and polo shirts are not only what you wear but if you don't you get suspended oh and where all the black people try to be black but act so white it is not even funny and the white people act blacker than the the black people and the puerto rican people say how much they LOVE puerto rico every two seconds that it literally makes you sick and in need of a therapist
sally: a yo dawg what we doin tonite HOFFA

bonquisha: mark do we have any plans for this evening?

juan: PUERTO RICO!!! OHHHHHHHH (two seconds later) BORICUA PARA VIVA!!!!! ( are you gonna change your cultural background anytime soon?)
by tati December 25, 2004

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1.Smelly Fart
2.SBD-Silent But Deadly
3.Smells of Sour milk and stank
woohoo Jack just let out a smelly milk toot
by Tati February 28, 2005

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4.See You Later
S:Catch you later Katy!
K:Okay Tatilamos!
by Tati February 28, 2005

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to do sumthing with enthuasium ; excitment sumting you add to the end of a sentence when you feeing but wanna seem cool
yo, ima be up in that party, hard body son for real
by tati July 05, 2004

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