a loquacious white boy that acts like a black women as a joke.
Bonquisha came up in here talkin shit about me, all up in grill, an' i an goin stand fo' it, girl!
by T'dizzle September 19, 2005
The word bonquisha means to have a great time.
The was so bonquisha!
by Amy White September 7, 2004
She's being a Bonquisha
by ARose_INtha_QC July 29, 2020
1. member of Shiniqwae Family
2. Sister of Kieshla
3. Queen of Awkward
4. Most KICKASS chica you will eva meet.
5. Term used to describe something beautiful
5. That bracelet was the most Bonquisha thang I eva laid eyes on
by Kieshla Shiniqwae August 11, 2008
No one is safe; not you sweet paraplegic mom, your dropout 3 time pregnant sister name Emma; Your limp dick husband named Steven, or even 8 month old son name Timmy (poor Timmy)
"quick grab the charity belt, Bonquisha is coming!!!!"
by Laurdra February 24, 2019
Your a sassy, styelish, beautiful beast, your rich, and you wear outfits from cardi b!
Damn! You be lookin like BONQUISHA!!!
by Emmy Lou who September 15, 2020
A fat bitch who goes to the store in a bikini and has 16 rolls per cubic feet
by Bonquisha Latisha June 15, 2017