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A sudden change in behavior commonly associated with the South Wales Valleys when a roider, such as Michael Layland, is provoked by a lack of Creatine.
Random Person: Alright like Mike?
Michael: Yeh
(Speeding chav with heavy Bassline goes past)
Michael: Fucking Cunt!!!!
Random Person: Whats wrong?
Michael: Shut it or i'll fucking slam you!!
Random person: ooh Mood Swing!
Michael: Cmon Then!!!!
Random Person: Sorry Roider
by Taffinator July 25, 2010
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Mood going from one mood to the other in the space of 2-3 seconds
My friend/cousin Lisa has moodswings...constantly.
Not Joking..
by R.O'S October 14, 2005
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when people switch from mood-to-mood very easily. happens (sometimes) during, menstruation, menopause, bi-polar disorder, etc.
anne was happy, sad, and anxious all in 10 minutes. talk about a mood swing.
by GJAY. September 28, 2009
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The word every girl uses to explain why they did a stupid or a bad thing in the past. Usually the person who uses moodswings as a cover is a bitch.
OMG haven't you ever heard of moodswings thats why i did you idiot. Sassy bitch whore
by Realistic duck March 05, 2016
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A person who is very moody, typically a combination of the moodiest couple, taylor and alex.
by Jenfen11 April 26, 2019
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