A sudden change in behavior commonly associated with the South Wales Valleys when a roider, such as Michael Layland, is provoked by a lack of Creatine.
Random Person: Alright like Mike?
Michael: Yeh
(Speeding chav with heavy Bassline goes past)
Michael: Fucking Cunt!!!!
Random Person: Whats wrong?
Michael: Shut it or i'll fucking slam you!!
Random person: ooh Mood Swing!
Michael: Cmon Then!!!!
Random Person: Sorry Roider
by Taffinator July 25, 2010
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A person who is very moody, typically a combination of the moodiest couple, taylor and alex.
by Jenfen11 April 26, 2019
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when people switch from mood-to-mood very easily. happens (sometimes) during, menstruation, menopause, bi-polar disorder, etc.
anne was happy, sad, and anxious all in 10 minutes. talk about a mood swing.
by GJAY. September 29, 2009
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After shooting your wad to porn, you quickly switch from a horny mood to a disgusted mood.
Porno mood swing:

(Watching porn) Oh yeah! Give it to her! Yeah let me see that tight ass! (Ejaculates) What the fuck am I watching? Don't treat her like that. She's somebody's daughter. Go get a real job you sleazy a-hole!
by rogerthewhale January 9, 2013
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When a person randomly decides to provoke you without context or any previous interactions
Dude Sam literally started roasted me for no reason. He's probably having a syrge mood swing lol
by iiadiar February 2, 2019
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Someone who makes a habit of using mood swings as an excuse for doing (or not doing) something. A habitual schitzo.
Person 1: So are you guys still together or not?

Person 2: Not sure. Have to check with her today. Guess she's just a mood swing junkie.
by Bill Contact March 10, 2008
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Is were your connection on Xbox Live changes every minute from good to bad. Typically happening when your playing Call of Duty.
by 321Tylizzle May 26, 2011
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