A bassline is musical notes and chords for a bass instrument that is put together in a song.
"Bassline" is not an adjective, you fucking moron.
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Dat booty; usually one of generous proportions. Can also refer to everything from the knees to the waist, but always with the thickness.

Stems from many references to the butt as bass, see Nikki Minaj's song, Superbass, or even pale ass Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass
Ohh, you see the bassline on that one!?
by Tre916 December 6, 2018
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a pattern of notes in a musical composition which support the main melodies and harmonies. often a sawtooth in electronica.
fucking epic bassline.
by TranceCrafter July 22, 2018
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what u say if something is cool or awsome. only, it replaces all those old words and is much cooler.
dude, did u see that girl emily? she's SO bassline!
this game is fucking bassline.
by emily March 16, 2005
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Someone who doesn't need drugs for a high they only need a big dirty stinking bass. They may be seen dancing eratically and fist pumping like there's no tomorrow in clubs. They can be misinterpretted for a bass junkie but they are infact bassline junkies that only get high off music.
For example
- “did you see those girls in garlands last night”
- “yeah they were going for it
- “yeah proper bassline junkie”
by bassline junkie February 11, 2013
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a sub-genre of garage music that consists of dirty sounding bass sounds with emphesis on the low frequency and bouncy 4x4 beats with reversed kick drums and rolling hi hats. this genre of music is often seen as chavy by the stubborn strain of metal heads and they insist that anyone who listens to 4x4 or bassline are chavs. some people like variation in their music and like to party, ya know what i mean? prsonally i love metal and rock but not as muuch as i love a dirty bassline banger. most moshers are massive legends though!
some artists:
k-orse & Basshound
the squire of gothos
Phatworld (quite Alot from off me nut records)

'oi fred. did u go off me nut last neet? they dropped bombhead riddim by squire and everyone went mental!' ohh yeah...
4x4 bassline :)
by gala bingo March 31, 2014
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also called niche music, and popular in the north of england, it's like old skool speed garage with filthier basslines and influences of electro, 2step and drum and bass.

several RnG/Grime and UK urban tracks have been given a niche remix.
Look at T2 on youtube, they make bassline house
by shizzle-ma-nizzle November 17, 2007
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