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A bassline is musical notes and chords for a bass instrument that is put together in a song.
"Bassline" is not an adjective, you fucking moron.
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A walking, talking clarity issue. A member of a marching band (particularly the drum line) in which no note is ever clear, giving a sharp contrast to the percussive rhythms created by the snare and tenor line. 3-5 drums tuned to different notes and muffled, most often used in runs in which, while the rest of the band is playing, are heard 'below' the winds. Being described as 'off the chain' or 'sick' while in a bass line is commonplace, and should be treated as such.
The 1989 Santa Clara Vanguard bass line was 'off the chain.'
by Scott P. Tipton October 01, 2007
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what u say if something is cool or awsome. only, it replaces all those old words and is much cooler.
dude, did u see that girl emily? she's SO bassline!
this game is fucking bassline.
by emily March 16, 2005
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a pattern of notes in a musical composition which support the main melodies and harmonies. often a sawtooth in electronica.
fucking epic bassline.
by TranceCrafter July 22, 2018
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