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It fucking means it has a pH above 7.
John: "Look at that sodium hydroxide eat away at that aluminum. What a strong basic and caustic compound."

Ashley: "Oh my god. That totally reminds me of Jessica. She's so basic, the other day she was wearing yoga pants and wearing uggs and drinking a starbucks and talking on her iphone and..."

John: "Shut up bitch, and learn proper English."
by rogerthewhale October 26, 2014
Every high school boys' fantasy. A teacher that will have sex with him.
Jake: Man Mrs. Johnson looks like a great piece of ass. I would totally do her!

Cody: I fucked her after school last week! She was damn fine.

Jake: You tapped that?!?

Cody: Yeah. Haven't you ever had a teacher with benefits? It's awesome!!!
by rogerthewhale September 11, 2011
The Equator Penis Measuring System (EPMS) is the system that gives an approximation of one's penis size. Generally speaking, the closer you live to the Ecuador, the larger your penis is. For example, Africans and Latin Americans living on the equator will have penises measuring around 11 or 12 inches hard, while the English and Scottish living up north have penises measuring 3 inches flaccid, or up to 5 inches hard. There are also intermediate points. Italians, for example, have penises about 6 inches flaccid, and 8 inches hard.
Example of the Equator Penis Measuring System

Canadian: Eh, my penis is aboot 3 inches.

Italian: What's a matta you, uh?? I got a 8 inch sausage! It could slap you and break-a your face!!

Black guy: Y'all niggas is small. I got 12 inches up in this muthafucka. Y'all my bitches now. SHIT JUST GOT REAL!!! SHIT JUST GOT REAL!!!
by rogerthewhale March 8, 2013
A disorder in which a person has distorted views about real-world situations, caused by listening to and referring to the mainstream media for all information.
Dave: So what do you think of Obama's plan on withdrawing troops in Afghanistan? I'm thinking it's too early, but at the same time, it is costing us way too much money, and it will have a significant finacial impact on future generations.

Cody: Huh? What the hell are you talking about?

Dave: I'm talking about our president.

Cody: Oh yeah. I hate him. He's just a socialist pig that hates america.

Dave: Do you even know what socialism is?

Cody: …

Dave: …

Cody: Don't you think Kim Kardashian went a little overboard to create a dream wedding. I mean, yeah she's rich and all, but come on!

Dave: Cody, I kept my mouth shut for too long, but I'm finally just going to say it: I'm worried about you. I think you have Media Mind Syndrome.
by rogerthewhale August 24, 2011

To accumulate tattoos in excessive amounts, with the refusal to get the shitty ones lasered off.
Bob: Hey man. Do you have any tan skin left?!?

Cody: Probly not dude. I spent most of my mom's weekly allowance checks on tattoos, sumthin like 15 Gs.

Bob: Damn dude! Can't you get that shitty dragon off yer neck?!?

Cody: Noooo! It brings me back memories of my ex-girlfriend from 8 years ago.

Bob: Man, you have a terrible tattoo hoarding problem. You need help!
by rogerthewhale November 11, 2011
After you cum on a girl's tits, you throw glitter on her, then push her out into the street.
by rogerthewhale May 29, 2013
The act of jerking off to thoughts of disgusting cows like Brittney Spears (and I'm talking today's Brittney Spears, not the Brittney Spears of ten years ago.
I had some beef jerky today. I was watching About Schmitt and I saw Kathy Bates totally nude. Couldn't help but jerk off to that cow.
by rogerthewhale September 11, 2011