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The worst pop artist in history, with the added phrase "with a dollar sign" to make evident the crappiness of her act, especially her name. Ke$ha?!? Are you fuckin' serious. KE$HA?!? Oh yeah Kesha (with a dollar sign), you think you are so cute and so smart by coming up with a dollar sign in lieu of an "s". I can't believe nobody thought of that before! It's almost as shitty as the music itself. I would rather get stung up the dick hole by a hornet than listen to a so-called-song of yours.
Come on, why does all this crappy music exist today? Why did John Lennon and Kurt Kobain have to die? Fuck Justin Bieber. Fuck The Jonas Brothers. Fuck Miley Cyrus. And especially Fuck Kesha with a dollar sign.
by rogerthewhale August 25, 2010
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1) of or pertaining to a president or the office of a president.

2) a derivative of gubernatorial. However, instead of pertaining to a state governor, it pertains to a president, hence the word "national."
The 2012 election will be sooooooo long! It'll Probably just be two straight years of assholes taking up regularly scheduled television programing for their elitist gubernational debates.
by rogerthewhale December 12, 2010
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The male form of a hymen. They do not actually exist, but the word may be used as a symbol of male virginity.
I lost my virginity to my girlfriend this weekend. She broke my guymen
by rogerthewhale November 30, 2010
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After you cum on a girl's tits, you throw glitter on her, then push her out into the street.
by rogerthewhale May 29, 2013
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1. The act of jerkin' it to the person you are obsessed with, or have a romantic desire for.

2. How a hopeless romantic, or extremely desperate person, masturbates.
I am totally infatuated with Claire. I infatubate to the thoughts of making sweet love with her. Then I blow my load and imagine staring into her eyes. Infatubation at it's finest!
by rogerthewhale December 26, 2012
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A word that combines innovation and invent. First used by Alec Baldwin in the tv show 30 Rock.
John: We need to think of something quick to get our profits up! Ideas?

Joe: We can make a microwave that is also a toaster.

John: Fuckin' genius Joe! Great innovention!
by rogerthewhale November 23, 2010
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A protective software that blocks infections from porn websites and files.
John: Dude! I think I have herpes!

Doug: That sucks man! Who did you get it from?

John: Some guy named Jason. He emailed me some porn and I opened a file called herpes.exe.

Doug: You need an internet condom man! You can't just enter an infected file like that. I usually wear 2 internet condoms, AVG and Norton.
by rogerthewhale January 14, 2012
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