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It fucking means it has a pH above 7.
John: "Look at that sodium hydroxide eat away at that aluminum. What a strong basic and caustic compound."

Ashley: "Oh my god. That totally reminds me of Jessica. She's so basic, the other day she was wearing yoga pants and wearing uggs and drinking a starbucks and talking on her iphone and..."

John: "Shut up bitch, and learn proper English."
by rogerthewhale October 26, 2014
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When lying in bed with your spouse, you grab her/him tightly, wrap yourselves completely in the blanket, and rip ass. It causes the fart in the air to become highly concentrated and, since you and your spouse are so close to each other, the temperature rises, further strengthening the fart. Meanwhile, your spouse is unable to move, which forces her/him to smell it. You of course are immune to your own farts.
I don't know what to do. My wife left me because I was gas chambering too often. I miss her so much. I miss her smelling my hot, concentrated farts.
by rogerthewhale November 24, 2010
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One's natural preference in romantic partners, not to be confused with sexual orientation, which is one's natural preference in sexual partners.
Joe: I hate girls so much. They disgust me!

Jim: Really! I always thought you were straight! We should go out someday. We could hook up!

Joe: No. I'm not attracted to men. My sexual orientation is straight, but my romantic orientation is neither. I want to fuck girls, not have a relationship with them.
by rogerthewhale January 19, 2013
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Every high school boys' fantasy. A teacher that will have sex with him.
Jake: Man Mrs. Johnson looks like a great piece of ass. I would totally do her!

Cody: I fucked her after school last week! She was damn fine.

Jake: You tapped that?!?

Cody: Yeah. Haven't you ever had a teacher with benefits? It's awesome!!!
by rogerthewhale September 11, 2011
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A temporary friend who you talk to on only one occasion. Most often happens between mutual friends at a party. The night after the party, you never speak, except for infrequent but uncomfortable small talk.
John: Hey man, its so weird. After that party, Jessica and I have not talked once. Its pretty awkward.

Paul: Oh yeah. I think thats happened to all of us at some point. It feels awkward after casual sex.

John: But no! We didn't have sex. We were only friends.

Paul: Oh! I get it. But you two are in love.

John: No were not! We were nothing except for good friends on Friday.

Paul: Oh Yeah. Okay. You were just one night stand friends. I think anyone who has ever been to a party has experienced that.
by rogerthewhale September 10, 2010
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A piece of paper which is inserted into a stripper's butt to get her to take off her clothes.

Also a device used to snort coke.
If you never realized that approximately 73% of $1 bills in circulation have been in a strippers butt at one time or another, well now you know. Have fun with your money germaphobes.
by rogerthewhale March 3, 2014
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The Equator Penis Measuring System (EPMS) is the system that gives an approximation of one's penis size. Generally speaking, the closer you live to the Ecuador, the larger your penis is. For example, Africans and Latin Americans living on the equator will have penises measuring around 11 or 12 inches hard, while the English and Scottish living up north have penises measuring 3 inches flaccid, or up to 5 inches hard. There are also intermediate points. Italians, for example, have penises about 6 inches flaccid, and 8 inches hard.
Example of the Equator Penis Measuring System

Canadian: Eh, my penis is aboot 3 inches.

Italian: What's a matta you, uh?? I got a 8 inch sausage! It could slap you and break-a your face!!

Black guy: Y'all niggas is small. I got 12 inches up in this muthafucka. Y'all my bitches now. SHIT JUST GOT REAL!!! SHIT JUST GOT REAL!!!
by rogerthewhale March 8, 2013
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