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The term 'Moobi' is used when there is no other word to describe the level of noob a person holds.

Despite common belief, this term does note solely apply to the alias of 'noob'. It can fit a number of other purposes where the writer sees fit.

Another common use of the term 'Moobi' might be someone who has slagged of two other sites before joining them to admin, trying to gain some sort of status (within who they believe to be the 'cool kids'), and then bitching and whining while trying to re-write their word censor system, without any prior coding knowledge.

One other common use is someone who has respectively learned to code to a good standard, gained a high reputation on a internet forum and misinterpreted his reputation for thinking he is better than other people, thus becoming a hybrid of the cool kids and an asshole.
Yawn: hurf de durf *codezzzzzzzz* *bad trolling* im aweeeeesome
Rickske5: omg yawn <3 buttsecks me NAO omg!
Yawn: *buttsecks*
Rickske5: does it change teh md5?!
General population: You guys are such moobies.
by Rickske5 December 18, 2009
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