Montana -
A southern, but bitterly cold province of Canada. Winter starts in October and ends in June. The scorching summer lasts for the remaining months of the year where toxic smoke from burning forests fill the air. Before the Cold War, Montana was once a US state known by the same name. When the Cold War started, Montana seceded from the United States and looked for another country to take them in. The Soviets secretly claimed the territory and planted thousands of nukes in the frozen earth. That’s right folks, it wasn’t Cuba you should’ve worried about, it was MONTANA. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Montana was a region of France until 2003, when the French presiden had a standoff with the Saskatchewan governor and Canadian Prime Minister over sovereignty of of the territory. After four days of just the three of them locked in a small office room in Helen, the French president agreed to cease control of the territory and effectively turned over power to the Saskatchewanese. Montana gained provincial status in 2005 after just two years of being officially part of Canada. Because of the Russian control, Russian is spoken throughout the terriotory along with English. The capital of Helena has a sole official language of French, and ferociously dictates the rest of their people. They have since changed the official spelling of the state to Montagne, although it is only recognized in French-Speaking communities.
What is Montana?

Is Montana real?
by yamumisabitch April 06, 2018
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She is super kind and caring, she will willingly clean your room for you. She is super pretty and a great dancer everyone loves her and would be very sad if they lost her. I you have a Montana in your life hang onto her
That girl is such a Montana
by Janice Fran August 31, 2019
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