Gaspar is crazy and obsessed with computers. He’s very private until you get to know him and he’ll open up to you eventually. Gaspar has a lot of energy and isn’t shy to prove a point. He is trusting and a real jokester
by Taco shrimp June 22, 2018
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A cool guy that knows computers and does a lot of weird shit.
Gaspar is a pervert
by Psychoagent028 March 16, 2022
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Gaspar is the funniest man on earth!
he is tall and he has beautiful blue eyes and beautiful black hair...
He has a very beautiful sister and a very beautiful house because he is rich.
Gaspar is American. A very handsome American
Gaspar is the perfect man
Gaspar's typic phrase : I KNOW IM AN GOAT, FAXXXXXX, CAPPPPP,
by babdnamdnejsns May 23, 2022
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Supposedly some mexican man. Sometimes funny, often nice. Looks like an average person. Has good music taste. He loves his friends.
"Gaspar you are such a coin coin", "Gaspar t'es pas marrant", "Gaspar t'es trop gentil", "Gaspar enlève cette musique"
by gaspaco05 October 2, 2022
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A cool individual. A peson who makes u laugh, smile and say wtf is wrong with u all at the same time. Clueless when it comes to working with his hands might b pretty handy in the kitchen. You wld nvr ask this guy for directions if you really wanted to get someplace. In all he is thinks he is the "situation" and just might be.
"Yo Gaspare. what r u doing?"

"Yo! GTL, Then i gotta watch the baby."
by Gigajohn February 4, 2010
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The most sexy amazing member of G-Unit alive. He has some cute toes.
by Kobe Jones August 20, 2006
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an exclamation normally used when excited or shocked.
He said: yeah i was cleanin my room and i found like 10.00
She said : well Gasparations! That makes me wanna go clean my room!
by Woodsgirl March 27, 2008
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