Being forced into celibacy against your will by lack of willing partners.
I been tryna get some quality virgin taint since the fuckin ice age but all of the bitches here monked me. LOVE
by YoureGonnaKnowMe September 24, 2017
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The monke d is a wild animal that some might say is not real. Some might also call it a monke man. Do not try to find this creature or it will most likely bite one of your sexual organs off. Also called Monkey Man.
The Monke D approached me in attempt to steal my testicles.
by NerfySourMan November 26, 2014
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To be so spun the fuck out, one can't even think straight. I.E.: PIPE DRUNK
fuck I'm monked out, me and Brad kept on hitting up bowl after bowl, after bowl of these shards, man, i can't even fucking move? wait a minute, am I thinking out loud? Did I just say that I was thinking to myself? Did he hear what I was thinking?
by Rick Rock And Ya Don't Stop October 18, 2007
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