Used to calm someone down when overzealously destroying something. In other words, "enough already."
*Alex stabs someone in the face 38 times*

Jesus christ already, he's dead Jim.
by ` April 25, 2003
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A term to define when a person is dead beyond return, often amplified by the cause of death. Generally used in video games or movies.
*Jake and Jaime observe a man riding a motorbike at high speeds in Grand Theft Auto*

*The man crashes into a populated intersection causing a series of explosions*

Jake: "Bruh is he dead?"

Jaime: "Oh he dead dead"
by Mercss July 5, 2021
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When You Dissing a pop dead homie or dissing somebody dead homie
Opp:Man Y’all Some Weak Ass Niggas

You: Fuck Yo Homie He Dead , We Smoking His Ass
by FuckAGo November 24, 2020
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Whatever happens to the main character of a movie you or a friend hasn't seen.
Friend: I really want to see Forrest Gump.
You: You totally should it's go a great twist. He was dead the whole time.
by thegameguydude815 January 3, 2012
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A guy named vernon is dead. And he is a he so he's dead.
Person1: did you hear hes dead
Person2: dam really was it vernon
Vernon: yes it was fun
by Hes dead June 2, 2021
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