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Never hands in assignments and is a nred
Ew it's Hunter
by Monkey Flab February 28, 2017
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A overrated soccer team who thinks they're good because they pay refs to help them win but got kicked out of Copa Del Rey by Celta Vigo and they say it's an easy tournament but how come they're not in it? And they also call Barcelona(best in the world) "Uefalona even though the refs make calls against them and for madrid. Their attack is so weak they need a defender to score for them, their attack is made up of Ronaldo, the guy who misses open nets and dives and takes penalties to win, an overly aggresive monkey (Bale) and Benzema, who just speaks for himself.
"We're so good right here's the money UEFA now make Real Madrid win La Liga"
by Monkey Flab March 20, 2017
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He smokes, teaches without a shirt on, vapes on the job and has arabian chest hair.
"Look it's arabian chest hair it must've escaped from mr. chan"
by Monkey Flab March 28, 2017
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A moist chunk of skin that hangs from your upper arm and is very moist but very crusty at the same time. Tastes good in all types of food such as monkey meat, cigarettes and alcohol
Oh no the flabs of fury are coming
by Monkey Flab March 20, 2017
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A mystical creature that eats a mixture of flab and monkeys and smokes beer and drinks alcohol
"Oh look its a monk lets smoke beer with him!"
by Monkey Flab March 20, 2017
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