A girl that is energetic and loves art. She has a thing for twins like Dylan and Cole Sprouse.
Friend: Look! There's Monique! She's working on her art project again.
by thewantedandonedirection April 08, 2013
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Monique is a beautiful young lady. Bronze Skin, light brown hair, hazel eyes. She can be very shy at times but also have a lot to say. She is very good at volleyball. She's rejecting boys from left to right every day and every night. Once she finds a guy she really likes she becomes really loyal to them. In relationships shes known to act like a child sometimes, she may act a Lil salty here and there, she's also VERY freaky when she wants to be, but at the end of the day he lucky to have her. But most of all she focuses on God and her studies.
Ex: Guy: Aye Monique I was wondering maybe we could-

Monique: No thanx I need to study for a test tomorrow bye
Guy: Damn Dat Ass
by _.upperclassmini October 05, 2016
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A traditional name for a very beautiful young lady. Sporting an amazing personality. Monique is a fantastic person to be around and in the company of. Only the luckiest guy ever gets to be in the presence of Monique. The best kind of girl for relationships. She IS a HUGE F-L-I-R-T. Everyone still loves her to death. Exceppt her haters, who noone really cares about.
Who is that she's beautiful.... oh thts Monique :)
by Monique :D June 21, 2011
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n.) A person that is very true to herself. Tries to act mature but in the end can screw up because of a simple mistake or absent minded act. Very honest about most topics, unless it would hurt ones feelings if talked about to others. Can be somewhat bossy at times, and very self-conscious. Cares too much about those close to her, and can't stand betrayals. In general, doesn't want to feel left out, but will change for the people she loves. Very random, but tries to act sweet.
You're acting just like Monique would have, you should be proud.

Try not to let Monique's requests get to you, they don't matter much anyway.
by FMforever February 08, 2010
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A girl who is random, goes crazy at times, and has naturally curly hair. Attractive to some, werid to others. Acts too tough and then can break down in rapid mood swings. But still, everyone loves her anyway.
Did you see Monique today? Man was that odd!
by FM Forev December 13, 2009
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The most amazing person in the world. Long, dark blonde, naturally wavy hair. Goes by the nick name 'Moe'. Loves soccer and animals. Obsessed with the colour yellow. Is the best friend you could ever have. Is extremely photogenic and always looks amazing. If you're upset about anything you know you can go to her and she will cheer you up. You cry together, laugh together and slap each other constantly in the friendliest way. If you are ever worried about telling her something, and think she will over react, don't be because she is very understanding and would never do anything to hurt you purposely. If you have a Monique as a friend, keep her close because you are extremely lucky.
See that girl jumping in the yellow flowers? She must be a Monique.

Have you seen Moe today? She's so pretty!
by maddi123 May 07, 2011
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a really hot girl who is the best kind of girl for relationships. she IS a HUGE F-L-I-R-T, i mean she flirts with every known person on earth, man or woman, doesnt matter to her. but thats ok, because everyone still loves her to death. exceppt her haters, who noone really cares about.
gosh, that monique girl is just so hot, i wish she could be my girlfriend.

that monique girl can dance so well, she must be a like whore.(haters)

Bob:That monique girl was all over me in sci, hope this menas she likes me.
ju:dont nget your hopes up on her, there are so many boys who want her....
by TINY X February 29, 2008
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