thanks; an abbreiviation of thank you
yo thanx fo tha loot, homie
by MPG May 5, 2004
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What people too lazy to write 'thanks' write.
person 1: "thanx because im a lazy freak."
person 2: "Yes you are a lazy freak, you're even too lazy to write 'thanks', now stay away from me you lazy freak.
by dref said right June 11, 2004
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This is a phonetic spelling of Thanks but also combination of thank you and a kiss denoted by an x
by StartMZ August 26, 2014
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A thank you that in includes a hug
I just wanted to say thanx aunty.
by vicroh January 5, 2020
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Used mostly to give orders on the internet without chance of the opposite party rejecting that offer.

Saying 'thank you' before they can object.
don't talk to me. k thanx.

pc4pc, k thanx.

stop being a n00b, k thanx.

by Izzy K. October 22, 2007
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A word used to describe the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season.

It is very clever because the shortening of Thanks is "Thanx", like how the youngsters do the textings and whatnot, while, at the same time, the "x"is the first letter of "X-mas".
It's February and my manager is already hounding me to submit my time-off requests for the Thanx-mas season, which is over 9 months away. I could literally conceive and become the father of an un-planned child during that time-frame, and he wants to know what my holiday plans are.
by Swintronix February 25, 2010
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