A person who is actively researching and on the prowl for sexual intercourse with a professional or otherwise. This mostly happens away from home in a foreign Country or City, but can happen right in your own town.
After dinner in Shanghai, we went online to do a little mongering before we found a place for a full service massage.
by Prodem February 2, 2011
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A Professional Agent, Manager, Representative or Talent Scout of -mongers, such as Fish-mongers, Iron-mongers and War-mongers.

(It should be noted that the organizer of industry events specifically for the Monger-monger community is called a Monger-monger-monger.)
Bill the Fish-monger: “Hi Brian, does Dave represent you, too?”
Brian the Iron-monger: “Hi Bill, yes he does. Dave is the best Monger-monger in town.”
Barry the War-monger: “I will fight you both… if Dave thinks that’s the right next move for me.”
by Heisenbeast - Lord of Hounds February 15, 2019
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Short for whoremonger, i.e., one who frequents whores and prostitutes.
He's a true monger, even his vacations are all to primo whorefucking destinations.
by Cabron December 6, 2004
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Short for whore monger.

The easiest way to find a monger is to travel to Pattaya, Thailand where you will discover Australian, British and American "mongers" sitting in bars on Walking Street searching for woman or ladyboy's willing to in gage in sexual acts back at the mongers hotel room.

Monger's often abuse alcohol and struggle with attracting sexual partners back in their homelands.
Johnny There is Something Happening is a Monger,
Karl's Thailand is a Monger and
Edward Sweeney is for sure a Monger
by TNP1990 August 27, 2022
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Pronunciation: Mong(like bong)-er-- Monger
Typically used in Australian suburban settings, where one person will call someone who may have intellectual or other mental disabilities or disorders a monger. Often used figuratively and exaggeratively for someone who is simply doing something which you might imagine a brain-dead person lacking a conscious doing.

Often used on Paul Fenech's Australian TV Show Housos.
"Jack you fucking monger stop screaming at the fucking pipes!"
by (mostly) aussie slang ; September 2, 2022
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Short for whoremonger, one who frequents prostitutes
That monger is always on the strip looking for whores.
by Tim1936 December 19, 2006
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