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An idiot. An irrational human being who only insults people with stupid claims as such.
Also known as: fat ugly grape
Person 1: "are u loney u 7year old first u copy a Youtuber and u cant take Jokes and whats Ur gamertag so u can get booted off and stay in shcool u fag and spell plus quit being a copy "

Person 2: "Seriously? Shut up fug."
by foooper February 28, 2017
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Fug is a slang word used to replace the word ciggarete if you live in Baltimore you probably already know this.
EX.) Ay wasup, you got a fug I could bum
EX.) Lets go smoke a fug.
EX.) Man: YO, you got a cigg.?
Man2: Naw, man we call them fugs now not

I hope ya'll are gettn muh point right 'bout now if you ain't thats ya own dang fault...
by Mizz.Marie July 31, 2007
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Look at Vatsal in that suit. bruv he look so fug I s2g
by nikwitabnormallylargedik June 27, 2014
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Mike tried to set me up with his sister but I saw her once at the pool and she is a FUG.
by keifermail July 31, 2008
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A synthetic word forced by editors onto authors during the days of strict censorship in the publishing industry as a replacement for the expletive "fuck", it usually is seen in novels published in the 1940s and '50s. While Ernest Hemingway resisted resorting to "fug", his fellow Nobel Prize winner John Steinbeck did use it. The word "fug" was most sensationally used in Norman Mailer's 1948 best-selling war novel "The Naked and The Dead".
"Doc, that's a fuggin' lie," Mac said.

-- John Steinbeck, "Cannery Row" (1945)

The actress Tallulah Bankhead claimed she met Mailer at a party and said, "So, you're the guy who doesn't know how to spell fuck." (The story is sometimes told with Dorothy Parker as the speaker.) Mailer told an interviewer he never met Tallulah Bankhead, and in any case he knew how to spell four-letter words--the euphemism was used in order not to offend the sensibilities of readers in 1947.
by Guy Lazarus March 01, 2006
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