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Monae is a once in a lifetime kind of girl. When you first meet her she'll be sort of shy at first and then if she's feeling you she'll slowly open up and infect you with her charming, wittty, funny, and amazingly cute personality. She'll never fail to show you a good time. The more you're in her company the more you'll fall in love with her. She's like a drug, it's very easy to become addicted to her. She's so beautiful and she doesn't even try. She's a natural. She's got long silky black hair, and big brown eyes. She's got a cute little shape and a big ass. She can be the sweetest person when she wants to be, but be careful because she also gots a feisty side and damn it's such a turn on. She's so fucking sexy. All the guys break their necks just trying to get a glimpse at her bewitching gorgeous looks. She's amazingly talented. She sings like an angel, dances like Ciara, and cooks like she should be on food network. She's determined to get the things she wants. When she falls in love, she falls in love deeply and she'll stay faithful and true to her man. She's not your average chick. She stands out from all the rest because she's one in infinity. If you haven't found yourself a Monae yet, you better! If you ask me, the definition of Monae is perfection at its finest. She's one you'll never forget.
"I feel in my heart that Monae may be the girl I have babies with."
by Elijah H. March 12, 2015
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a beautiful girl with a big heart. She is one who is honest and loyal to all her friends and family. She values friendship and chooses her fiends wisely. She doesn't forgive, she holds grudges. So be careful of what you do to her .
by Monaeeeee December 16, 2013
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