When a woman who has long hair cuts it very short. Usually done after having a child when the woman has no time to deal with her hair.
You remember how long her hair used to be? Now she's got that weird Mom Hair going on.
by Dominikat April 23, 2008
Short, easily managed, but completely unfeminine and unflattering haircut worn by overweight, middle-aged women with 2.6 children who spend more than 40 hours per week, obsessively focussed on their precious children's extra-curricular activities. The often overly highlighted cut is typically parted in the center or to one side, with longish bangs, no hair products and is distinguished from more stylish and current short hairdos by it's roots in 70's and 80's fashion, re-hashing the "dorothy hamill" and "geraldine ferraro" styles, and often worn with "mom jeans," (also rooted in 80's style - high wasted with baggy ass and peg leg), baggy sweatshirts and white sneakers.
i want a short bob, but i don't want soccer-mom hair!
by roach motel April 14, 2008
When a milf has really nice hair, know what I mean, I'm talking about upper-middle-class mom in lululemon type hair.
by decdaddy December 2, 2020
refering to the hair growing on your mothers chest
Peter:What did you do last night?
KT:Helped shave your moms chest hair!
by KT RKS. May 15, 2007
-Often used in place of your mom.
-Derived from the motion picture Mean Girls.
Dad: Who is this?
Kayla: your mom's chest hair
by broyce July 14, 2008
A hair-style which is commonly found on anime characters which are
1) mothers
2) going to die (mostly early on)

The hairstyle is a loosely tied thick pony-tail which is slumped over one shoulder.

Common examples are:
-The mother of the Elric-brothers in "Fullmetal Alchemist"
- Eren's mother in "Attack on Titan"
A: "Oh shit! That MILF has dead mom hair."
B: "Welp, now we know eho's gonna die first."
by Pyronomicon July 10, 2017