Vancouver-based maker of the tightest pants on the face of the planet. Possibly has something to do with yoga. Definitely has something to do with horribly attractive girls with nice asses. These pants will ruin your concentration. The logo at the back is hypnotic.
I went to the gym yesterday, and it was full of hot girls in lululemon pants.
by spookytooth April 14, 2004
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a popular yoga and exercise brand of clothing. mostly for yoga and dance and running, but also just worn for fashion. extremely comfy and modified fabrics are used, like LUON for wicking properties and staying dry.
she's wearing those lululemon pants just like evryone else is!
by Anon. moose October 5, 2005
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Skin tight workout clothes that women wear, no matter what shape or size. For some reason most woman think the pants are flattering. Unfortunately should only be worn by those with no body fat, because these pants are known to show every tiny bit of cellulite on a womans butt and legs.
"That poor slightly over weight woman, she really shouldn't be wearing lululemon"
by joceycakes June 17, 2008
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A brand that has traditionally been feminine and known for their very attractive and comfortable leggings that is now producing very high quality athletic wear for men and women. Undeniably the home of the best leggings, lululemon is now trying to expand to the male audience. Lululemon has the best looking and comfiest clothes for working out that also help you feel supportive. However, men may need to put their masculinity aside before understanding the true value and quality of lululemon clothing.
Oh she’s wearing lululemon, I wish I was her right now.
by Queeenbeee1 March 8, 2021
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The process in which you are addicted to buying Lululemon products. You are in love with that OMEGA shaped logo.
You own 5 pairs of Lululemon pants, all the colors of headbands, 3 shirts, 4 hoodies. You make me sick! You are lululemonated!
by Emmy lala November 2, 2006
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a trendy expensive and, athletic store that sells headband, scrunchies, leggings and more!
Girl 1: Omg, do you wanna go to Lululemon!?
Girl 2: I can't I only have seven dollars left..!
by weird-but-true-definitions August 25, 2019
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A stupid, overrated, and highly expensive clothing store most teenaged girls, even little girls and mid-aged women wear. Most of the clothing isn't even nice, and tons of young girls beg their parents to buy them a "lulu" sweater just to be cool and the same as everyone else.
Daughter "Can I please get a lululemon sweater! I want to be just like my friends!"

Mom "Of course you can, because being like everyone else is really cool!"
by bubblegum1991 June 27, 2008
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