Since ancient times the chest hair has acted much like a chest antenna, allowing men to communicate with the cosmic force known as the man force. The more chest hairs a man has, the more at one he is with the man force. With every chest hair a man has increased chickdar (radar for lesbians, chick fights, and all threesome alumni), increased appreciation for bacon, better beard growing capability, and an exponentially increased love for espn. Chest hair was invented by Chuck Norris in the year 3046 BC.
gordon: hey bro, i am growing a new chest hair
percivel: i am happy for you man, that makes 42 right?
gordon: 42 and counting. by the way, i am sorry to hear about your last chest hair
percivel: ahhh, dont beat yourself up about it, im sure you didnt mean to shoot that firework at my chest
gordon: bad luck all around... or could be because your parents named you percivel
by magnus manbeard April 28, 2011
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Grows on men and women??
Nice wig. Whats it made of? YOUR MUMS CHEST HAIR!
by chuff January 12, 2005
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n. Any Manchester United supporter who's never been to Manchester.
A couple of chest hairs one can handle, but in large numbers they become quite tedious. Especially when they lose.
by crudely May 28, 2009
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Similar to awkward turtle, for situations when hair is protruding from clothing embarrassingly and offender doesn't seem to notice/realize. Put hand under top and poke hand out of neck hole, wiggle fingers.
by voldermort-y July 18, 2010
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When a hairy man decides to let loose on a Friday happy hour, letting his chest hair out in public so the bitches come flocking. The primary goal of this move is to get laid. He's kept it hidden all week but when work ends on Friday, it's Chest Hair Friday!
You see your buddy at the bar on a Friday night, chest hair out in the open, and he's talking to a girl. You come over and say, "it's Chest Hair Friday!"
by Chesthairfriday July 3, 2013
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Used in awkward situations, usually when a man has a lot of chest hair showing, but not restricted to this situation.

The person making the Awkward Chest Hair gesture sticks one hand up their shirt, so that it appears from the top, and wiggles their fingers.
Jane is talking to Mr S, who has an awkward amount of chest hair.

Jill is stood behind Mr S and makes an Awkward Chest Hair gesture at Jane.
by Casual Mate July 17, 2010
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Material used to create Janice's(from Mean Girls) wigs out of.
"Hey Janice what's your wig made out of?"

"Your mother's chest hair!"
by plastic05041 February 26, 2012
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