Guy 1: Dude, who is that? It looks like a ninja, but its a girl.
Guy 2: OH SHI-, its KT, the legendary ninja with boobs, run!
by KombatKing May 14, 2007
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Have a way with the ladies,backs down from nothing,has no fear in heart,got your back when someones against you ,will have fame
Kt is one of the best people to know
by 12104kt March 14, 2017
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KT is sweet, badass and can be overly horny at times. If you’re friends with a KT, just remember she’s a ride or die. She can be very emotional too but can be a shoulder to cry on. Take good care of her and she’ll remain a true, loyal friend.
Friend 1: Have you seen that KT chick around?
Friend 2: Yeah, dude. She’s hot asf.
by Barbz 2020 June 2, 2020
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KT= Keep talking
A sarcastic expression telling someone to keep talking when in fact the opposite is meant. Usually in reference to a negative comment.
by urbandictioner2010 April 12, 2010
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Katie (KT) is tough and cocky at first glance, but she is a sweet bundle of fluff on the inside. She has an incredible talent for seeing the good in anyone, no matter what they may have done wrong. Once you've really known Katie for the sweetheart she is, you'll never want to leave her side.
Person: "Did you hear what she just said to you?"
KT: "It's alright. There's gotta be something painful fueling that"
by Snazzie July 2, 2019
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Masculine acronym standing for "Knob Twitch". When a man gets excited about something, he is said to have Knob Twitch. For the feminine form of the word, see "CT" - Clit Twitch.
"The spaghetti bolognese you made last night gave me KT."

"That suave guy had such a smooth voice, it gave me instant KT"
by Cozza999 August 3, 2009
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Acronym for the phrase "king turd." A king turd is the the largest (or very close) shit you've ever taken; a log so big it fills the bowl, peeks out of the water, and makes you proud to have fathered something so awe inspiring. It is illegal to not take a picture and show it to all your friends.
"Dude, I just ate a load of meat and potatoes. I'm gonna have a KT later with pics to prove it."

"Someone left an epic KT in the stall. I swear it was this big."
by Shpleeurnck November 9, 2009
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