1. A particle of feces
2. The act of shitting in a watery fashion. Leaving the intestines empty but the bowl smothered.
I dropped the nastiest Hamill I've ever experienced. The CDC quarantined the bathroom and I had to leave my house. No community will have me now.
by Tfab December 17, 2013
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the relationship (it was fake, of course. harry has been louis’s boyfriend since 2010 duh) of Harry Styles and CamilleCou CouRowe
People that believe in hamille are called “hamillistas”. they are really -really- dumb
person a-how is it called the couple of harry styles and camille rowe??
person b-it is called hamille. but don’t worry, it is fake

person c- i love harry styles and camille rowe together!! they are so cute :)
person d- so you are a hamillista then? disgusting
by harrytomlinsonsupremacy October 31, 2020
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Hamil is a guy with an amazing singing voice. He has really good hair and wears tight pants. He is really good at doing hand stands and often associates with "Codys" and "Shawns". He stands out in a crowd, and dances to his own beat.
Man that guy is really different. He must be a Hamil.
by tacobell234 December 6, 2010
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Or more famously knows as Luke Skywalker, from the famous science/fiction "Star Wars". But little do people know he's also the same guy that voiced the Joker in Batman the Animated Series, Batman Beyond, and any other Batman series that didn't completely revamp the original. (Please do not mistake Batman the Animated Series for Batman: Brave and the Bold.)
Person 1: Dude Mark Hamill was awesome in Star Wars!
Person 2: He also played the Joker.
Person 1: ... LOL whut? :D
by PsychoticToast109 November 1, 2010
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That guy from the cool star wars movies.
The guy from that cool Horror comedy Body Bags.
That guy who played Cock Knocker in that cool kevin smith movie.
Something that is cool or star wars related.
IE That was all like mark hamill n sh*t
by FreakTwin907 November 2, 2005
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The guy who Disney girls will mistake for Zac Efron.
I witnessed a girl watch Star Wars for the whole 2 hours just because she thought that Zac Efron was playing Luke Skywalker, until I told her that its Mark Hamill.
by DS Owner August 2, 2007
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