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noun, pidgeon (hawaiian slang) for friend; short for braddah synonyms; brotha, brother, bro, friend
Friend #1: eh brah you like go to da store?
Friend #2: Nah brah I like you go to da store.
Friend #1: What you like me get brah?
Friend #2: Beer brah!
Friend#1: Kden brah, geev me some money brah!
Friend#2: I no get brah!
Friend #1: BRAH!
by aimlesswander April 03, 2007

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Hawaiian slang. Linguistically an accurate translation word for word from Hawaiian to the english language. Some call it broken english. Why pidgeon? Why not?
Example of a persone speaking pidgeon on da phone: Eh brah! How you stay? Where yo maddah dez days? I neva seen her in one long time. I hope she stay ok. How yo faddah iz? He still going to da cock fight? I heard he went loose some big da kine! Kden brah! Aloha!
by aimlesswander April 03, 2007

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Noun; pidgeon (hawaiian slang) for brother.

brah-dah or bra-dah
Mom: Where your braddah went?
Kid: He went to da store.
Mom: Fo wut?
Kid: Fuck if I know he not my braddah, we don't share the same faddah!
by aimlesswander April 03, 2007

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Pidgeon (hawaiian slang) for "ok then"
Moke 1: I going see you den
Moke 2: Kden!
by aimlesswander April 03, 2007

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pidgeon (hawaiian slang) for the equillivant of a red neck. Speaks pidgeon, walks around in brokken slippahs, has a beer belly, probablly lives in a tent city by the beach. Drinks beer, sings burping songs, and has eleventeen children by different mothers, some could be his cousins or sister or BOTH?
Moke: Eh where all da kidz went? Dis place is one mess! Make em clean em up shoot! We not some Some red neck living in da stich brah! Where my beer went? No more? I going get samoa!

English translated: Where did all the kids go? This place is a mess! Please get them to clean it up. We're not some MOKE living in a tent city! Where is my beer? We dont have any more? Well then I will go and get some more!
by aimlesswander April 03, 2007

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a woman who sprung forth from the clutches of a gay man to learn how to suck cock, put on make-up, walk in heels, talk filthy to put off any desireable straight man (cause any desireable straight man is probably gay any way). Whose hair and make-up get bigger and brighter as the years of alcohol wear in. Suffers from moments of hysteria and self-delusion...often. Loves kids but only if they can match and fit into her luggage. Enjoys bon bons (probably too much). Listens to George Michael, and can use the word MARY as a noun, verb, adjective, pronoun, insult, compliment, and prayer all at the same time...that ladies and gentlemen is a fag hag.
Elizabeth Taylor=Fag hag
by aimlesswander April 03, 2007

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