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The act of smoking a cigarette or stogie through a hole in ones neck. This word was derived from the people who have a hole in their trachea (which they smoke from) and pronounce "smoking" as "moking" because they can't pronouce the "s" sound.
Pronounced = "mo-king" or "moke"
old man- *using a voice box* "mmmm Jimmm and I....mmm we went moking after work"
by WeedMokers9999 September 06, 2005
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a range of highly mysterious and inappropriate acts, which most often occur poolside. They are hard to define specifically since there is usually no lifeguard on duty to observe their occurrence.
"moking is strictly prohibited in the pool area!"

"hey hey- why don't we head down to the pool and do some moking around?? no one's awake to catch us this late!"
by Natasha Everette June 07, 2010
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